North Shore: Sacred Caves

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There are a lot of traps in the caves, but apparently they've been there for a long time and the native troglodytes have been curious, because just about every trap is marked by a blood stain or a pile of bones. If you're playing a rogue character, then disarming the traps should be a piece of cake. If you're playing some other type of character, then you can either just walk through the traps and take your lumps, or else you can follow the yellow path shown on the map above, and avoid the traps. As long as you stay away from dead troglodytes, you shouldn't have any problems.

The only thing of interest in the caves is Edgrimm the Mad (#1). When you meet him, he'll confuse you for an illusion (such as the one you saw when approaching his caves for the first time), but he'll still decide to have a conversation with you. If you talk to him about his S.H.I.P.s (and S.H.I.P. 2.0 in particular), then he'll offer to build you a R.A.F.T. if you can bring him the sacred wood from the troglodytes.

The troglodytes, meanwhile, will ask you to fetch Edgrimm's head, but they'll offer to build you a raft as well. So you'll have to help one side or the other, but it doesn't make any difference which one you choose. Either way you'll end up with a raft and be able to escape from the island.

1 - Edgrimm the Mad

Besides being a slightly crazy inventor, Edgrimm is also a shopkeeper. He'll have a nice selection of wares available, but you shouldn't just start buying new equipment for your character. When you meet with the troglodytes, you'll get your original equipment back, and so you should do that first so you'll know what you need.

If you kill Edgrimm the Mad, you'll find a random piece of body armor (such as embezzler's leathers) on his corpse.

  1. Exit to the North Shore.