The Temple Under the Sea

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Depending on what promises you've made, and depending on how you've treated Tasina during the module, and depending on what you say when you arrive in the temple, one of two things will happen: either Tasina and the priestesses will realize the error of their ways and flee the temple, leaving you to attack the Aspect of Umberlee, or else Tasina will transform herself in a sea hag, and you'll have to fight her and the priestesses.

Regardless of the creature that you'll have to battle, you'll also have to deal with the Dweller. The Dweller will pop up from time to time in one of the four dweller pools (#1), but you'll only be able to damage it by using the aromatic oils from the oil fountains (#2). However, it doesn't appear to be possible to kill the Dweller (we've heard people claim that they have, but we didn't have any luck when we tried it ourselves). Instead, it appears that the oils will only cause the Dweller to disappear for a short period of time. So if the Dweller isn't really bothering you, then don't worry about it. Otherwise, hit it with some oil every time it pops up.

Note: Whatever enemy you have to fight, you can use the oil on it as well.

If you have to kill the Aspect...

The Aspect is big and nasty, and it regenerates hit points, but with upgraded equipment, two companions, and Poly's bard song, you should be able to take it out pretty quickly. Don't bother fighting the sahuagin in the area -- if you kill one, another one will take its place a few seconds later -- just concentrate on the Aspect until you've killed it.

If you have to kill the sea hag...

The sea hag is sort of like the Aspect. It is large, and it will have an endless supply of tainted priestesses to help it out, but it isn't nearly as powerful as the Aspect. Just charge at it and kill it quickly.

After the battle...

After the battle, you'll find yourself on deck the Midnight Rose. If you saved the priestesses, then you'll be alive and happy, and if you killed the priestesses, then you'll be undead and happy. It doesn't appear to make any difference what you choose as your next destination (although disowning the sea gives the funniest response).