Spindrift Town: Sewers

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1 - Chests and Cocoons

You'll find random loot inside these containers.

2 - Looted Chest

Inside the chest you'll find an I.O.U. -- Prugdush.

3 - Rascally Pete's Hideout

Rascally Pete is involved in a quest from Sir Francis of the Dragon (in the smuggler's warehouse in Spindrift Town). Rascally Pete gave Sir Francis a ring to protect, but Sir Francis lost it, tarnishing his reputation. When you talk to Rascally Pete, if you ask him what the ring looks like, he'll basically admit that he stole it from Sir Francis, and that he has it in his possession now.

There are three ways that you can get Pete's ring away from him. You can trick him into showing it to you (at which point you'll grab it), you can pay 5000 gp for it, or you can fight Pete for it. Pete is pretty easy to kill, but you'll only be able to attack him if you fail while attempting to trick him.

Also in Pete's hideout you should notice Pete's stash. Inside you'll find some random equipment plus a treasure map -- Spindrift Sewers.

  1. Ladder to Spindrift Town.
  2. Rope to the Temple of Umberlee.
  3. Ladder to Governor Blackeye's Manor.
  4. Ladder to the smuggler's warehouse.