Lighthouse: Hidden Cavern

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Area Note

You won't be able to rest and heal in the cavern. Fortunately, the undead pirates in the cavern are pretty wimpy, and so it might not even be necessary. But if you feel the need, just go through the entrance portal (Exit A) and rest in the lighthouse.

1 - Looted Chest

Inside the chest you'll find an I.O.U. from Governor Blackeye.

2 - Chests

You'll find random loot in these chests.

3 - Pirate Treasure Hoard

Inside this room you'll find four treasure chests, each with something good inside. The treasures are random, but you might find things like Admiral Olaf's oilskin and dragon turtle armor. The main door to the hoard must be picked open, but you can also find a secret door on its northern side.

4 - Accursed Admiral

The accursed admiral is about the same as a mummy. It has a fear aura, and it can do things like level drain you, but it will worry more about casting buffing spells than attacking you, and so once you've defeated its undead minions, you should be able to gang up on it and defeat it easily.

The admiral will drop a random object when it dies, but in the large chest next to it you should uncover the ancient astrolabe that Vantabular Garsp sent you to find.

  1. Portal to the Sandy Spit lighthouse.