Sahuagin Passage

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This area is basically a big puzzle. When you approach a colored obelisk (#1-4), you'll change to the color of the obelisk and you'll gain some sort of buff, but more importantly, you'll be able to pass through gates of the same color. So your objective is to move through the area so you can reach the white obelisk at the end (#4) and then move through the white gates, which are blocking access to the exit from the area (Exit B).

The puzzle isn't very complicated. If you move counterclockwise through the area you'll generally encounter the obelisks in the order that you'll need them. And then when you get to the white obelisk, you'll be allowed to move through all of the gates (not just the white ones), and so at that point you'll be able to explore freely and loot all of the chests in the area (#5), should you feel so inclined.

1 - Green Obelisk

2 - Red Obelisk

3 - Blue Obelisk

4 - White Obelisk

5 - Chests

You'll find random equipment inside these chests.

  1. Exit back to Yxondralu.
  2. Portal to the Temple Under the Sea.