The Midnight Rose

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This section of the game is basically an extended cut scene. When you go below deck, sailor Snitch (#1) will come up to you and tell you that Captain Allendry has taken both of his passengers into his quarters (#2), and he'll suggest that you listen in at the door to find out what's going on.

If you have the listen skill, then clicking on the door to Allendry's quarters might be all that you'll need to do. Otherwise, you'll get a failure message, and you'll have to pick up a small porcelain cup from the mess kit on the floor in the mess hall (#3), and then try again.

You'll learn that Tasina Alcrest wants Rahman Madani's statue, and that Madani doesn't want to sell it to her. Captain Allendry will try to keep the peace, but Tasina won't be denied, and she'll cause some sahuagin to attack the ship. Captain Allendry and first mate Nisar will be killed, and you'll end up shipwrecked on a tropical island.

Note: All of the chests in the ship will have reset for this section of the module, so feel free to loot them all again.