Spindrift Town: Temple of Umberlee

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1 - Sister Karys McPherson

Sister Karys will tell you a little bit about Umberlee, the statue you put on board the Midnight Rose, and Sister Tasina. She'll also act as a shopkeeper.

2 - Sweetie Marie

If you're female, then Sweetie Marie won't have much to say to you except to complain about her former boyfriend Pegleg Paulson. If you're male, then you'll be able to recruit Sweetie Marie to join your crew. For that, you'll have to talk to Pegleg Paulson in the Monkey's Cutlass Tavern, and get him to give you the treasure map -- wildflowers. Then when you track down a wildflower and give it to Sweetie Marie, she'll agree to join you.

3 - Chests and Shelves

You'll find random equipment inside these containers.

4 - Shakey McGwire

Shakey McGwire is a potential crewmember, but he's afraid of the water, so you'll have to coerce him or persuade him to join your crew. McGwire will also sell you some pirate booty for 100 gp.

5 - Locked Door

The only way to get this door open is to convince the sahuagin guard next to it to open it for you, and the only way to do that is to wear the Umberlant robe when you speak to him. You can get the Umberlant robe from Pegleg Paulson in the Monkey's Cutlass Tavern. If you're female, then the sahuagin guard will just wave you through. If you're male, then you'll have to persuade the guard that you're really a priestess.

Note: You can also enter the temple via the Spindrift Sewers (Exit B).

6 - Shelf

Inside this shelf you'll find the treasure map -- Blackeye's Silver (part 2 of 4).

7 - Tasina Alcrest

When you arrive here, Tasina will inform you that they've just finished up their Stormcall (thus ending the storm that has been plaguing Spindrift Island), and that they're going to take the four Sea Statues to Fiddler's Green where they can be returned to Umberlee. It doesn't really matter how you respond to her announcement. You'll either end up attacking her group or letting them go, but even if you attack, Tasina will walk away, and you'll only get to fight a handful of sahuagin and priestesses.

  1. Exit to Spindrift Town.
  2. Trap door to the Spindrift Sewers.
  3. Door between the Temple of Umberlee and the Sea Caves.
  4. Portal to the Spindrift Town docks.


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