Tropical Island: South Shore

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You'll find yourself stranded on a tropical island (#1), with nothing to your name other than a ruined uniform of the Midnight Rose. As Poly will say (if you ask her), "Some things float and some things sink. All the good stuff's in the drink." So you'll have to play Robinson Caruso and figure out how to survive.

Almost right off the bat you'll run into a gray ooze and sailor Snitch's body (#2). You won't have any weapons, so you'll have to fight the ooze bare-handed. This can be a tough battle, but if you tell Poly to sing her bard song beforehand, you should be able to get through it.

Immediately after the fight, you'll probably discover that you're not allowed to rest on the island. You'll only be able to rest in the darkened cave (#6) while a fire is lit. The cave contains a fire pit, but you'll have to supply it with tinder (#5) and a spark. The easiest way to get a spark is to use the small shard of flint (#7).

There are nine different things you can make on the island:
There are two ways to create items. If the item requires a fire, then clicking on the fire in the darkened cave should bring up a dialogue listing the things you can make. For other items, you'll have to right-click on one of the resources required to make it, and then select the resource's unique power. That should bring up a dialogue similar to the one from the fire. To use the unique powers of the sticks, you'll have to equip them first.

Note: If you have weapon crafting skills, then you might make "superior" versions of the weapons listed above.

Another note: The items you create and the resources required to make them are both things that Poly can count (see the Poly the Parrot section for details). If you collect and make everything, then Poly will give you Poly's mangy feathers and Poly's precious droppings (although you probably won't be able to identify them until you get to the North Shore).

Almost all of the resources are unlimited. For example, if you click on a palm tree (#5) to get tinder and then wait a minute, you'll be able to click on the tree again to get more tinder. This works for all resource producing items, and even the animals will re-spawn in time. So take the time to equip your character as well as you can, and then head to the North Shore (via Exit A).

1 - Starting Point

2 - Sailor Snitch / Gray Ooze

When you approach sailor Snitch's corpse, a gray ooze will attack you. The ooze will drop some ichor when it dies, and you'll find an elixir of cure moderate seasickness, a lucky squid tentacle, and the book Off the Map! on sailor Snitch's corpse.

3 - Driftwood

You can obtain long sticks, sturdy sticks, and, sometimes, tinder from piles of driftwood.

4 - Boulder

Boulders produce stones.

5 - Palm Tree

Palm trees produce tinder.

6 - Darkened Cave

The most important thing in the darkened cave is the fire pit. That's because you can build a fire in the fire pit. To start a fire, you'll need tinder (#5) and a way to create a spark. You'll receive a few options for the latter, but the easiest way is to pick up the small shard of flint (#7). Once you've started a fire, you can use it to rest in the cave, and you can also use it to create some useful items, like cooked meat (which restores about 40 hp of damage) and a fire-hardened spear.

Also in the cave, you should notice the remains of a previous shipwreck survivor. From his corpse you can pick up a Survivor's Journal, which gives many hints about the island, including that ochre jellies and gray oozes are afraid of fire light.

7 - Rubble

You can pick up a small shard of flint from the rubble.

8 - Potion of Heal

You'll find a potion of heal sitting on the shore here.

9 - Sea Cave

You'll encounter a few gray oozes and ochre jellies in the cave. If you have some sort of a torch, then the oozes and jellies will simply disappear. Otherwise, you'll have to fight them. Once the oozes and jellies are gone, you can use the sea cave as a safe place to rest.

Also inside the cave you'll discover a large chest. From inside it you can pick up a bottle of wine, a potion of bull's strength, and 50 darts.

10 - Animals

When you first arrive on the island, you'll probably find animals in these two spots. Later, animals will spawn all over.

You'll find three types of animals. Jaguars will drop catgut and raw meat. Feisty seagulls will drop a seagull feather. And (dire) boars will drop a leather hide and raw meat.

  1. Exit to the North Shore (via the Jelly Caves). The Jelly Caves are full of jellies and oozes, but as long as you have a torch, you should be able to walk right through them.