The Skull and Bones

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You'll start out in the captain's quarters (#1), but as soon as you leave the room, the ship will come under attack from sahuagin. They'll destroy the ladder leading up to the deck (Exit A), and they'll drill three holes in flooring (#2) to allow water to rush in.

What you'll need to do is patch the holes while your companions and crewmembers fight the sahuagin. You'll find a pile of "repair planking" along one wall (#3). If you click on it, then you'll grab a plank, and that will allow you to fix one hole. Once you've fixed the first three holes, the sahuagin will drill a fourth hole (#5), and then once you've patched that hole as well, the ladder leading to the deck will re-appear.

Meanwhile, water and sahuagin will flow into the ship through the holes. If the water level gets too high, then you won't be able to patch the holes. If the water level gets way too high, then the ship will sink -- but you'll wake up back in your cabin and discover that it was all a dream, and you'll have to start over. To lower the water level, click on the bilge (#4).

Once the threat has been eliminated, climb up on deck. You'll find the Skull and Bones alongside the Midnight Rose, and you should also notice a gangplank that you can click on. Diving off the gangplank will take you down to Fiddler's Green, but you won't be able to do it right away. First you'll have to talk to the ghost of Captain Allendry.

You'll find the ghost of Captain Allendry in the interior of the Midnight Rose. He'll ask you to avenge his death by killing Tasina, and you'll either have to agree to do it or lie to him. Be careful what you decide, because this promise might affect how the final battle in the module plays out.

Once you've made your vow to Allendry, he'll teach you the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, which will allow you to use the gangplank. You'll have to repeat the rime when you click on the gangplank, so make sure you've written it down or can find it in your text panel. Repeating the rime correctly will allow you to use the gangplank and travel to Fiddler's Green.

1 - Captain's Quarters

2 - First Three Small Holes

3 - Repair Planking

4 - Bilge

5 - Last Small Hole

  1. Ladder.