Spindrift Town

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Your main quest for this part of the module is to put together a crew so you can steal back the Midnight Rose from the priestesses of Umberlee. You won't actually get to steal the Midnight Rose, but you'll still need to find five crewmembers so that you can use the Skull and Bones (#10) instead. The potential crewmembers and their requirements are listed in the Finding a Crew section. Each time you convince a character to join your crew, that character will move to the Monkey's Cutlass Tavern (#8) and wait for you there.

Once you have a crew assembled, you'll need to do one more thing: end the storm that has been plaguing Spindrift Island. For that, you'll have to enter the Temple of Umberlee and confront Tasina. Tasina will flee aboard the Midnight Rose, and you and your new crew will have to chase her aboard the Skull and Bones.

When you're ready to set sail, talk to Kolmarr the Grim on the Skull and Bones, and tell him which five crewmembers you'd like to have aboard. You'll have to do some fighting with your crew, but the crewmembers seem to be balanced, so it doesn't make much of a difference which five you select.

1 - Falstaff's Follies Tattoo Parlor

When you first enter Spindrift Town, you'll find a note on the door indicating that Falstaff the proprietor has been thrown in jail (Exit B). If you rescue Falstaff, then he'll offer you one of four tattoos: skull & crossbones (spell resistance 12), flaming skull (+2 dexterity), Umberlee's waves (+2 wisdom), or copper dragon (+2 strength).

2 - Prugdush's World of Weapons

Prugdush has the best selection of armor and weapons in the game, and he'll also offer to sell you some pirate booty for 100 gp. But the best thing about Prugdush is that he can upgrade weapons, armor, and shields. To upgrade an item, simply put it into Prugdush's forge and then ask Prugdush about upgrading items. Each upgrade will cost thousands of gp, so be sure to save your pennies.

3 - Old Jack Ketch

Old Jack Ketch is Spindrift Town's hangman. He'll give you some background information about Governor Blackeye and his Maztican Silver, and he'll also tell you about Longneck Langer, who is slated to be executed because he isn't "piratey enough." Finally, Ketch will also sell you some pirate booty for 100 gp.

Note: Jack Ketch can sell you more than one piece of pirate booty. So if you mess up while purchasing a piece from somebody else, you can always make up the difference here.

4 - Magic Dealer

5 - Shady Vendor

6 - Cartographer

From the cartographer you can buy a treasure map -- caves of Umberlee, a treasure map -- Spindrift Town, a treasure map -- lighthouse caverns, and a treasure map -- Blackeye's Silver (part 1 of 4).

Note: You can also get a treasure map for Spindrift Town in the Monkey's Cutlass Tavern (#8), but the two maps are different.

7 - Chests

You'll find random loot in these two chests.

8 - The Monkey's Cutlass Tavern

There are a few things of interest in the tavern. In one corner you can rifle through some forgotten notes and find a treasure map -- Spindrift Town. This treasure map is different than the one sold by the cartographer (#6). You can also buy pirate booty from Pegleg Paulson and Grogbeard McPherson for 100 gp each, and there's also a bell pull, but it doesn't seem to do anything (other than make a bell sound).

If you talk to Pegleg Paulson, you'll learn how he used to sneak into the Temple of Umberlee to see his girlfriend Sweetie Marie. He should then give you an Umberlant robe so you can sneak into the temple as well. If you're male, then Paulson will ask you to take Sweetie Marie with you when you set sail, and he'll give you a treasure map -- wildflowers so that you can find a wildflower in the Sandy Spit area and offer it to Sweetie Marie as a present. If you're female, then you can flirt with Paulson until he joins your crew. If he doesn't agree to join you right away, then you can get him drunker and drunker until he does agree to join you.

If you talk to Grogbeard McPherson, then you can learn some rumors from him, but they won't lead anywhere. You can also ask him about potential crewmembers, and if you do that then he'll bring up Whipped Willigan, who has been whipped by his wife Fanny. If you agree to help Willigan, then McPherson will set up a way for you to enter Willigan's manor (#11).

Finally, when you convince characters to join your crew, this is where they'll wait for you.

9 - Nisar

When you approach Nisar, he'll tell you the story of how he came to be on Spindrift Island, and then he'll join you as a companion again.

10 - Skull and Bones

On board the Skull and Bones, you'll meet Kolmarr the Grim and Old Tom. Kolmarr will tell you that he's looking for a crew for his ship, and that you'll need to gather five crewmembers to join him. For information on how to do that, see the section entitled Finding a Crew.

11 - Willigan Manor

When you first come across the manor, the front door will be locked, and you won't have any way of opening it. To get inside, you'll have to talk to Grogbeard McPherson at the Monkey's Cutlass Tavern (#8). If you ask him about possible crewmembers, he'll regale you with the exploits of a pirate named Willigan, who in his later years settled down with Fanny, the governor's daughter. The only problem is that Fanny turned Willigan into Whipped Willigan, and she has forbidden him to associate with pirates. If you agree to free Willigan from his plight, Grogbeard will signal the poor soul that he's about to deliver him some rum, and Willigan will lower a ladder on the northern side of his manor. You'll then be able to click on the ladder to enter the manor.

Inside, Willigan will tell you that he'll only leave if you can fetch his pirate regalia for him. You'll find his pirate garb, fine leather boots, and trusty cutlass on the first floor, but they'll be guarded by Fanny and her two sisters. The three items will be marked on the map, and so what you'll need to do is move quietly through the house, grabbing regalia while avoiding the governor's daughters. If you get caught, then the sisters will toss you out, and they'll also confiscate Willigan's gear from you and re-hide it in the house.

If you have a rogue-type character, then this sequence should be a snap. Just go into stealth mode and pick up the items. If you have some other type of character, then your best bet is to turn yourself invisible. If you can't cast the spell, then you can pick up a ring of invisibility from the magic dealer (#5). You can also try to simply dodge the daughters, but this is tough. However, you don't need to collect all three items in one trip. You can grab one item, deliver it to Willigan, and then try your luck again. Once Willigan has an item, you won't lose it if you're caught. Once you've collected all three items, Willigan will agree to join your crew, and he'll move himself to the Monkey's Cutlass Tavern (#8).

Note: If you rescue Willigan, then Fanny and her sisters will leave the house. That means you'll be able to use the front door, and you'll be able to search the first floor in peace.

Another note: In one of the chests inside the manor you'll find an I.O.U. -- Grogbeard.

12 - Smuggler's Warehouse

Inside the warehouse you'll find several people involved in a dueling competition. You can pick out a pair of people to fight and then bet on the result if you want (by talking to Redtip). You can also buy booty from Redtip and Sir Frances of the Dragon for 100 gp, and on the western side you'll find an entrance into the sewers.

The warehouse is a good place to look for potential crewmembers, as both Redtip and Sir Francis of the Dragon can be recruited. For Redtip, you'll have to defeat him in a duel. For Ser Francis, you'll have to find his missing ring. See the Finding a Crew section for details.

  1. Gate to the Sandy Spit.
  2. Entrance to Governor Blackeye's Manor.
  3. Entrance to the Temple of Umberlee. To get very far into the temple, you'll either need to disguise yourself with the Umberlant robe from Pegleg Paulson (#8), or else you'll need to sneak into the temple via the Sewers (Exit D).
  4. Sewer Entrance.