Fiddler's Green

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1 - Starting Point

2 - Chests

You'll find random equipment in these chests.

3 - Temple Under the Sea

When you approach the temple, an Aspect of Umberlee will rise up out of the abyss and smash the bridge leading to the temple. You'll have to talk to Yxondralu (#4) to find a way inside.

4 - Yxondralu

The dragon Yxondralu will tell you her story, about how an Aspect of Umberlee killed her mother, and how she now wishes revenge -- against that Aspect and against another Aspect that is hiding in the Temple Under the Sea (#3). To that end, she'll offer to sell you items from her stash and also show you a secret entrance into the temple, but only if you promise that you won't kill any of the priestesses of Umberlee, including Tasina. Since this is the opposite of the promise asked of you by Captain Allendry, you'll have to lie to one of the two.

Note: The promises you make to Yxondralu and Captain Allendry might affect how the final battle in the module plays out, so consider them carefully.

Once you've made your promise to Ynondralu and once you've asked the dragon to show you the secret entrance into the temple, you'll be transported to a small area with a single exit to the Sahuagin Passage. (You'll have to follow a path along the edge of the plateau to get to the entrance.)