Isle of the Dead

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You'll start off on board the Skull and Bones (#1). You should first talk to Kolmarr the Grim. He'll tell you that you're on the island to pick up a mysterious artifact, and that to unlock the chamber where it's hidden, you'll have to activate five sigils on the island (#2). Then you should speak to Old Tom. He'll function as a shopkeeper, and he'll also give you a few items, including a treasure map -- Isle of the Dead, Old Tom's trinket, and a sigil activator. The treasure map will lead you to a cache of weapons useful against undead and evil creatures.

On the island itself, you'll find a bunch of undead pirates in addition to the sigils. When you come to a sigil, you won't have to do anything with the sigil activator. You'll just need to click on the sigil, and then one of your crewmembers will volunteer to stand on it. The undead pirates in the area won't spawn very quickly, and so for the easiest time on the island, you should kill the undead pirates first and then click on the sigils.

Once you've activated the five sigils, you should go up to the top of the hill and talk to Kolmarr (#3). He'll open the nearby rusted gate, but when you go through, you'll find a different sort of ceremony than what you might have expected. Kolmarr will turn you and your crewmembers into the undead, but the ceremony won't quite work with you, and while you'll still be undead, you won't be under Kolmarr's control. Kolmar will realize the mistake, and he'll order your former crewmembers to attack you.

The battle against Kolmarr can be difficult since it'll be 3 against 6. But you should have upgraded your equipment quite a bit in Spindrift Town, and the crewmembers, alive or undead, aren't very powerful. Plus, you won't have to defeat everybody; you'll only have to defeat Kolmarr (although Kolmarr will drain the health of the crewmembers to heal himself). Once Kolmarr goes down, you'll be teleported back to the rusty gate, and your crewmembers will be free from the necromancer's control.

When you reach Old Tom back on the Skull and Bones, he'll be happy to see you. (It's his trinket that prevented you from falling under Kolmarr's control like your crewmembers did.) Still, it doesn't seem to make any difference whether you free him or not. Either way he'll act as your navigator and set sail for Fiddler's Green.

1 - Skull and Bones

2 - Glowing Sigils

3 - Rusted Gate