Tropical Island: North Shore

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Your objective at this point is to escape from the tropical island. There are two ways to do this. If you steal the sacred wood from the troglodytes and give it to Edgrimm the Mad (in the Sacred Caves), then he'll build you a raft. If you kill Edgrimm the Mad and give his head to the troglodytes (in the Troglodyte Village), then they'll build you a raft. You can't do both, obviously, because helping one side means attacking the other. Oddly, attacking Edgrimm is the more difficult of the two, but otherwise it doesn't seem to make any difference which side you decide to work with.

Note: If you're feeling particularly chaotic, you can kill Edgrimm for his R.A.F.T. plans, and kill the troglodytes for their sacred wood and then build the raft on your own (by right-clicking on the plans and using its special power).

When you set sail with the raft, you'll automatically journey to Spindrift Island.

1 - Driftwood / Boulders / Palm Trees

These objects work just the same here as they did at the South Shore.

2 - Troglodyte Map

If your lore skill is high enough to decipher the markings on the map, then you'll learn what the troglodytes call the two major caves in the area, and the map for the area will become completely exposed.

3 - Abandoned Camp

This cave works identically to the one at the South Shore.

  1. Exit to the South Shore (via the Jelly Caves).
  2. Exit to the Sacred Caves. Edgrimm the Mad lives in the Sacred Caves.
  3. Exit to the Troglodyte Village. You'll find Garm and the troglodytes in the village.