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Frost Giant Prison

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  • Frost giants have lots of hit points, they hit hard, and their punches can damage multiple characters in your party, including your weak casters in the back row. So dealing with them probably won't be any fun, and we'd recommend saving after each successful battle.

  • The Hold Monster spell can work against frost giants, as can Slay Living, and because you'll be fighting them one at a time in long hallways, the Lightning spell is better against them than the Fireball spell. Don't bother casting frost spells against frost giants, though, since they're immune to cold damage.

  • If you fall into any of the pits in this level (#2, #3, #5), then you'll end up in the Azure Tower (Level 2), and it'll take you a while to trek back here.

  • Frost Giants

Notable Loot
  • Talon's Tongue (#6)


1 - Starting Point / Mage Scroll

You'll find a Mage Scroll of Cone of Cold on the ground here.

2 - Pits

These six pits will open or close every couple of seconds, but they'll follow a pattern, which will give you a way to cross them. To cross to the west, you'll have to wait on the eastern side of the pits until the first one (#2a) closes, and then follow the closed pits into the hallway to the south -- where you'll encounter some frost giants. After defeating the giants, wait to the south of the first pit in the hallway (#2b) until it and the pit to the north of it are closed, but the two pits adjacent to the northern pit (#2c and #2a) are both open. From that point, you should be able to follow the closed pits all the way to the western side. There isn't any way to cross the pits to the east. For that, you'll have to circle around them using the illusionary wall to the north (#4).

3 - Pits

These three pits will open or close every few seconds, but they'll follow a simple pattern, which will make them easy to cross. Only one pit will be open at a time, and it'll travel from west to east before returning to the westernmost position and starting over. If you want to cross to the west, then you'll need to wait in the hallway to the north of the pits and cross when the easternmost pit is open. To cross to the east, you can just follow behind the one open pit.

4 - Illusionary Wall

This wall can only be entered from the western side.

5 - Pits

These three pits will open or close every couple of seconds, but they'll stay closed most of the time, including long stretches when all three are closed. So it should be straightforward to cross them.

6 - Frost Giant King / Talon's Tongue

When you approach the frost giant here, he'll sing you a song about how the frost giants came to be trapped in this prison, and then he'll drop Talon's Tongue and disappear. You'll need Talon's Tongue in Darkmoon Temple (Level 2).

  1. Stone door. If you use the Stone Gem (from the Catacombs, Level 3) with the door, then it will take you to the Catacombs (Level 3). If you use the Stone Dagger (from the Azure Tower, Level 4) with the door, then it will take you to Darkmoon Temple (Level 2). If you don't have either of the stone items, then you'll only be able to escape the prison by falling into one of the pits (#2, #3, #5), which will take you to the Azure Tower (Level 2).