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  • Dire Wolves

Notable Loot
  • Leather Armor +2 (#4)


1 - Starting Point

2 - Rocks

You'll find Rock at these places.

3 - Old Woman

You'll meet an old woman at one of these two spots (whichever one you visit first). If you talk to the woman, then she'll tell you about the nearby Darkmoon Temple (Exit A), and she'll offer to lead you there. If you attack the woman, then you'll find a note on her body indicating that someone was blackmailing her to direct people to the temple.

4 - Loot

At this spot, you'll find Leather Armor +2 and Rotten Food. The food can't be eaten. In the square to the west, you'll find a Mage Scroll of Blur.

5 - Rusty Dagger

You'll find a Rusty Dagger on the ground here. Despite its name, it's just a regular dagger.

6 - Arrows

You'll find two Arrows on the ground here.

7 - Shallow Graves

You'll find shallow graves at these five locations. If you try to dig them up (by standing one square away and clicking on them), then any cleric or paladin in your party will protest -- but not actually leave or anything. You'll find (worthless) Femurs and Skulls in the graves.

  1. Entrance into Darkmoon Temple (Level 1). Cave entrance.