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  Aerial Servant

This semi-intelligent creature is a form of an air elemental. Aerial servants are most often encountered on this plane of existence when they have been conjured by a high level cleric to do a specific task. They are normally invisible, but when seen they resemble legless humanoids made of sparkling blue smoke. They are very strong and can do great damage by grabbing and strangling their targets.

Appears: Azure Tower (Level 4)

  Ant, Giant (Warrior and Worker)

These giant insects include both worker ants and warrior ants. They are covered with a thick outer skeleton that acts as armor. They have six hairy legs that can propel them over ground at great speed. All giant ants have powerful mandibles that can rend their targets. Warriors can also attack with a poisonous stinger in their tail.

Appears: Catacombs (Level 4)

  Basilisk, Lesser

This uncommon reptilian monster has leathery skin and eight legs. Lesser basilisks' defenses include a powerful bite and a hideous gaze that can turn a target to stone. Though they have eight legs, their slow metabolic process causes them to move sluggishly. They can be encountered alone or in small groups.

Appears: Azure Tower (Level 2)


Also known as Eye Tyrant or Sphere of Many Eyes, this solitary horror is most often found underground. Beholders have a globular body and move with an innate levitation. Atop the beholder's spherical body are ten eye-stalks, and in the center is a single large eye and a gaping maw adorned with several rows of razor-sharp teeth. Each of the eye-stalks has a unique magical ability -- the beholder can cast a different spell with each. Fortunately, not all of the eyes can be brought to bear on a given target. Beholders are covered with hard, chitinous armor, making them relatively tough to hit in combat.

Appears: Silver Tower (Level 3)


Aptly called a landshark, the bulette is a huge terrifying predator that lives only to eat. It has a temperament akin to the wolverine -- stupid, mean, and fearless. The bulette is universally shunned, even by other monsters. These rare, carnivorous creatures are covered with bony armored plates which make them very tough to damage. Despite their size and armor they are both swift and deadly. Bulettes have very powerful claws and a maw full of rows of razor sharp teeth.

Appears: Azure Tower (Level 2)

  Cleric, Darkmoon

The clerics of Darkmoon often cast Hold Person spells before closing with maces and flails. They can thus paralyze your front fighters and render them unable to fight. Before entering combat with these enemies, make sure at least one of your own clerics is prepared to cast Remove Paralysis so you can counter a Hold Person spell. Once these enemies stop casting spells, they continue to use their weapons until they are defeated. Although clerics can be defeated with weapons, countering with your own Hold Person spells is the most effective way to fight them.

Appears: Darkmoon Temple (Levels 1 and 2), Catacombs (Level 2)

  Gas Spore

Gas spores are multicellular spherical fungi that are often found floating through enclosed corridors. Gas spores' frontal coloration resembles a large central eye. They also have rhizome growths on top of their hollow bodies that strongly resemble eye stalks. The resulting sphere closely resembles a beholder, but has none of the beholder's awesome powers.

Appears: Silver Tower (Level 2)

  Gelatinous Cube

These almost transparent cubes travel down dungeon corridors, absorbing carrion and trash along the way. The sides of a gelatinous cube glisten, and the creature leaves a slimly trail when it moves. Very large cubes grow tall to garner mosses and the like from ceilings.

Appears: Catacombs (Level 3)

  Giant, Frost

Like all evil giants, frost giants have a reputation for crudeness and stupidity. This reputation is deserved, but frost giants are crafty fighters. They are very strong and tough. They are protected by oversized armor and can do tremendous damage with giant melee weapons and large hurled rocks. Frost giants may be found alone or in small tribal groups.

Appears: Frost Giant Prison

  Guard, Darkmoon

Guards are veteran warriors. They attack on sight and fight to the death. Make sure you use Hold Person spells when facing groups of 3 or more of them. Guards use normal weapons and armor, but they have lots of hit points and can seriously damage your party. Guards also carry daggers that they often hurl before close combat. Step to the side when they throw these daggers and let them pass before you move in to fight.

Appears: Catacombs (Level 1)

  Guardian Demon, Greater

These demonic opponents are immune to coldbased attacks, and are also immune to electrical attacks such as lightning bolt. You also need +2 or greater weapons to even hit them! Since it is so difficult to hit them, you must swing and dodge to avoid their counterblows. Try not to get surrounded by these enemies as they can surely annihilate the party!

Appears: Azure Tower (Levels 2 and 3)

  Hell Hound

The hell hound is a very large, rust-red or brown beast with burning red eyes. The baying of a hell hound has been described as "eerie," "hollow," and "disturbing." The beast attacks with flaming breath and piercing teeth.

Appears: Crimson Tower (Level 1)

  Mage, Crimson

Once these enemies have cast their spells, they are not very dangerous and can be easily destroyed. However, until they have cast their fireball and ice storm spells, continue to swing and dodge. These 9th level mages cast fireball spells that can seriously injure the entire party. Once these foes have cast one or two spells, they do not cast any more.

Appears: Crimson Tower (Level 1)

  Mantis Warrior

Also called Thri-Kreen, this is a carnivorous insect man. A mantis warrior resembles a man-sized praying mantis. Mantis warriors are often armed with a unique, sharp-edged pole arm. The ferocious reputation of the deadly weapon and the warriors who wield it has spread far.

Appears: Silver Tower (Level 1)


This monster is a ferocious predator of a magical nature. Margoyles are typically found amid ruins or dwelling in underground caverns. They seem to have their own guttural language. These monsters will attack anything they find and they love to torture their helpless prey. They attack with their claws, bite, and horn.

Appears: Catacombs (Level 3)


Medusae have only a moderate number of hit points and are fairly easy to hit. Their ability to petrify party members is similar to that of the lesser basilisk but is backed up with a poisonous bite that can prove lethal. Make sure the party is equipped with polished shields before fighting these foes and save the game often in case the party gets wiped out. Use spells like Prayer to improve each character's chance against being petrified or poisoned. Then use the Haste spell to allow the party to maximize their damage against the medusae.

Appears: Azure Tower (Level 4)

  Mind Flayer

Also called Illithid, this is one of the most feared of the inhuman dwellers. Mind flayers feed on the very minds of sentient beings. Mind flayers are a slime mauve color, stand about six feet tall, and adorn themselves with flowing robes decorated with images of suffering, death, and despair. Their faces resemble octopi with two large, white, pupilless eyes.

Appears: Crimson Tower (Level 2)


This large, flaming creature is a native of the elemental plane of fire. Salamanders thrive in very hot places. They are cruel, evil creatures that are highly intelligent. They respect only power, and to them power is either the ability to resist their fire, or the capacity to inflict great damage. Anyone else is dealt a painful, fiery death.

Appears: Crimson Tower (Level 2)

  Skeletal Warrior

This is a magically animated body, created and controlled by a powerful evil wizard or priest. Skeleton warriors have been created from the bodies of powerful warriors. Because they have no intelligence or will, skeleton warriors are utterly fearless. They never retreat from a fight, except when turned by a cleric or paladin.

Appears: Catacombs (Level 2)

  Snake, Flying

Also known as "flying fangs," these uncommon reptiles are so dangerous that all intelligent races hunt them mercilessly. They fly with acrobatic agility, and use their tails and body coils to hamper victims while they hover in midair. Flying fangs always try to strike at the faces of their foes. The snakes will attack any living creature they feel they can slay and eat.

Appears: Silver Tower (Level 2)

  Spider, Giant

This predator haunts many regions and helps to keep down the level of pests, like adventurers. Giant spiders weave webs for unwary victims, and attack with poisonous bites.

Appears: Catacombs (Level 1)

  Wasp, Giant

This rare giant insect is feared because of its unthinking ferocity. They can attack with powerful jaws and their tail-mounted stinger. The buzzing wings of giant wasps give some warning of their presence, but their swiftness makes it necessary to react instantly to their presence.

Appears: Silver Tower (Level 1)

  Will 'o Wisp

These malevolent entitles subsist by luring unsuspecting creatures to their deaths amid the hazards of their environment. They feed on the energies released in their targets' death struggle. They prefer their victims to meet lingering deaths to increase the energy given off before death. Will 'o wisps attack in melee by discharging their stored energy into their foes in a swooping attack.

Appears: Silver Tower (Level 3)

  Wolf, Dire

Dire wolves are large ancient ancestors of modern wolves. They are active and cunning carnivores. They can act independently, but tend to travel in packs. Dire wolves are larger than most men and have powerful jaws and teeth. They are swift and sure hunters.

Appears: Forest