Sendai's Enclave 3 (AR6102) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Slave Ambush

When you first arrive in this tunnel from Sendai's Enclave 2, you will be attacked by a massive number of Sendai's dwarven slaves under the command of the Slavemaster. As the battle begins, the Slavemaster will bark some orders to the slaves and then teleport farther into the tunnel. Your main priority is to make it to area #2, where you'll actually confront the Slavemaster, but try to take out as many of the slaves as you can on your way, as they will cause serious damage to your party simply because there are so many.

2 - Slavemaster

Now that you've navigated your way down the tunnel, the Slavemaster will stop teleporting away and instead attack you himself. Kill him, then loot his Full Plate +1 and head to area #3.

3 - Exit

This exit leads to Sendai's Enclave 5.