Balthazar's Stronghold (AR5505)

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1 - Entrance

You'll enter Balthazar's fortress here, after which your party will obtain a very nice experience reward for making it inside. Head toward area #2 to confront Balthazar. Once you're finished dealing with him, you can take this exit to return to the stronghold's perimeter in Amkethran.

2 - Balthazar's Throne

Balthazar sits upon his throne in the center of this room. He will be surprised to see you and will indulge in a bit of dialogue before a battle ensues. He will explain that he is a Bhaalspawn, but only joined "the 5" in order to destroy them. He'll also hint that Melissan is not what she seems and is indeed a culprit in this whole mess. When he's finished talking, Balthazar will attack with several of his monks at his side. He has an obscene amount of hit points and will take a lot of damage before falling. For more information on defeating him, see our Strategy Guides section.

Once he's dead, you'll be teleported back to the Abyssal Fortress for your final meeting with the Solar prior to visiting the Throne of Bhaal. Once you've heard Melissan tell her story, you'll be returned to this fortress to find that Balthazar had no loot (bummer). Head for one of the exits (at areas #1, #3, or #4) or simply use your Pocket Plane ability to finish the Abyssal Fortress and venture to the Throne of Bhaal.

3 - Exit

This exit leads out to the stronghold's perimeter in Amkethran.

4 - Exit

This exit leads out to the stronghold's perimeter in Amkethran.