de'Arnise Keep 3 (AR1303)

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1 - Keep Key

Here you'll fight a Giant Troll and a Yuan-Ti Mage. After the battle, you'll find some scrolls and the Keep Key, which you'll need to unlock most of the doors up here.

2 - Lady Delcia

You'll find Lady Delcia here. She's not very pleasant, but you need to rescue her anyway.

3 - Guarded Loot

After going through a couple of secret doors behind Lady Delcia's room, you'll find this interesting chamber. Inside are an Iron Golem, a Clay Golem, two Stone Golems, and a Flesh Golem. They don't bother you until you try to take the items at the end of the hallway. It's a tough fight, but it's worth the time and effort. You'll end up with the Elven Court Bow +3, a Warhammer +1, +4 vs. Giantkin, a Battle Axe +3: Frostreaver, and one of the flail heads needed to forge the Flail of Ages +3 down on the first floor.

If you don't want to do battle with the Golems just yet (or don't think you'll survive), you can grab the flail head for the Flail of Ages +3 without disturbing them. Just don't try to grab anything else.

4 - Exit

Stairs down to the cellars, de'Arnise Keep 4.

5 - Exit

Stairs up to the roof on de'Arnise Keep 1.

6 - Glacias

A traitorous guard by the name of Glacias resides in these chambers. He will automatically attack you and will drop one of the flail heads for the Flail of Ages (forged on the first floor) when you kill him.

However, a Charm Person spell (or the Ring of Human Influence) can bring him back without having to fight him. Sometimes the spell fails completely or sometimes it works but doesn't cancel the enemy charm. You'll know you've successfully charmed him when the indicator briefly turns light blue (or whatever the color is for a neutral NPC) before it turns green. Dispel the spell or wait for it to end and he'll talk to you and give you the flail head, granting you an additional 22,000 experience.