de'Arnise Keep 4 (AR1301) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Umber Hulks

This room houses a bunch of Umber Hulks. It's a very difficult fight, but you can avoid it entirely by placing the dog stew over at area #2. This will keep them occupied and you can sneak by.

2 - Dog Stew Bait

This is where you'll want to place the dog stew to get the attention of the Umber Hulks at area #1.

3 - Torgal

You'll find the Troll leader here, Torgal. He's got a couple of bodyguards and makes for a pretty tough fight. After defeating him, you'll find that Nalia's father is dead, but you'll still end up with a tad over 10,000 gold pieces for your efforts.