de'Arnise Keep 1 (AR1300)

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1 - Captain Arat

Here you'll talk with Captain Arat, who will explain the current situation surrounding de'Arnise Keep. He'll request that you lower the drawbridge before he offers you his aid. He'll give you some Arrows of Fire to help fight the trolls inside. The more you speak with the Captain, the more arrows you will get!

2 - Secret Entrance

You'll find a secret door here, which just so happens to be the only way inside the keep.

3 - Dogs

There are four dogs here that you can kill. You'll want to take their meat to de'Arnise Keep 2 and cook it so that you can use it for a dog stew in the cellars.

4 - Drawbridge Lever

This is where the drawbridge lever is. Using the lever will allow the de'Arnise guards to enter the keep, although don't expect a whole lot of help from them.