Location: Twigroot Forest

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Map Summary


1 - Sack

On the ground here you'll discover a Sack. Inside you'll find a Mortar and Pestle, a Note, and recipes for Healing Potions and Energy Potions. "This is just the beginning."

2 - Pellets

If you destroy the underbrush here then you'll discover 10 Pellets.

3 - Branch

You'll find a Branch on the ground here.

4 - Sandmole Hide Vest

You'll find a Sandmole Hide Vest here.

5 - Frostbite Necklace

You'll find a Frostbite Necklace here.

6 - Sack

Inside this sack you'll find a Baked Maggot, a Healing Potion, and a Scroll of Poison Bolt.

7 - Locked Gate

To unlock this gate you'll need a Round Key, which you can pick up in Twigroot Tunnels (via Exit B).

8 - Shrine of Fire

This is the Shrine of Fire. If you click on each of the stone heads inside (S1-3), then you'll learn that you'll need to visit all four elemental shrines, and that if "you do what the stone philosophers demand" then you "may be granted a way out." For this shrine you'll need to place four Power Gems on the table in the center of the shrine. This will give you an Essence of Fire.

9 - Underbrush

You'll need to destroy the underbrush at these two places so you can continue exploring the map.

10 - Pellets

If you destroy the underbrush here then you'll discover 10 Pellets.

11 - Locked Chest

You'll need a set of Lock Picks (#14) to open this chest. Inside you'll find Embalmer's Shoes and a Lightning Rod.

12 - Power Gem

You'll find a Power Gem -- plus a Leather Cuisse -- behind the closed gate here. To open the gate, you'll need to pull the lever to the east (#13).

13 - Lever

Pulling the lever here will open the gate to the west (#12).

14 - Lock Picks

You'll find Lock Picks on the ground here.

15 - Treasure Chest

You'll receive a clue for this treasure chest in Twigroot Tunnels. It will tell you to dig "between the two lanterns in eastern Twigroot Forest." Inside the chest you'll find a Tome of Leadership.

16 - Sign

If you click on the sign here then you'll see: "AR E. UHU KO. AR E. UHU E." This code won't make any sense until you've visited the Lexiconary beneath the Ruins of Desarune. At that point you'll be able to translate the sign to mean "Strafe Left 1. Forward 3. Strafe Left 1. Forward 1." This will lead you to a nearby treasure chest (#17).

17 - Treasure Chest

Inside this treasure chest you'll find a Gold Key, a Shield Potion, and a Steel Armband.

18 - Loot

On the ground here you'll find a Baton, a Xafi Robe, and a Xafi Shemagh.

19 - Locked Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Buckler and 10 Pellets.

20 - Gate

To open this gate, you'll need to pull the lever on its southern side.

21 - Circle of Stones

If you blow the Horn of Summoning while standing in this circle, then the exit gate will close, locking you into this part of the map, and four Summon Stones will rise up and attack you. Your best bet is probably to race back to the exit. You won't be able to leave, but you'll be able to put yourself into a position where the stones can only attack you from one direction. This battle will probably be tough if you trigger it around level 4-5, so make sure you have some Healing Potions available. If you can defeat the Summon Stones, then the exit gate will open again, and you'll gain access to a reward (#22).

22 - Tome of Knowledge

You'll find a Tome of Knowledge on the pedestal here, but you'll only be able to take it if you can defeat the Summon Stones (#21).

23 - Xafi Khakis

You'll find Xafi Khakis here.

24 - Loot and Button

On the ground here you'll find a bunch of loot: a Xafi Robe, a Xafi Shemagh, and a Wooden Box containing 5 Cannon Balls, 20 Pellets, a Sabre, and a Smoked Sea Bass. You'll also find a button here. Pressing the button will open the two secret doors to the south.

S1 - Stone Head

"This is the elemental shrine of fire. Fire is the rune of strength, magma and heat. Northwest is whence the force of fire are strongest."

S2 - Stone Head

"Hear ye, hear ye, oh traveler of the dark. Be aware of the elemental shrines. Once houses of light, now refurbished by the masters of the isle, the shrines hold the keys to thy survival. Visit all of them and do what the stone philosophers demand and thee may be granted a way out, if that is what thee most desires."

S3 - Stone head

"Bring forth four power gems to fuse them into the essence of the element. Not all of the gems lie under skies; some of them are buried deep underground."

S4 - Stone Head

"This is another way out."

This is a clue for the secret doors to the north, which will eventually give you an extra exit from the Crystal Mine Entrance (Exit E).

  1. Path to Shipwreck Beach.
  2. Stairs down to Twigroot Tunnels.
  3. Path to Forgotten River.
  4. Path to Forgotten River.
  5. Exit from the Crystal Mine Entrance.