Location: Sleet Island

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Map Summary


1 - Tree

Stuck in the tree here you'll find an Island Map and a Letter. Neither one will help you much, although the map will show you a bridge to the central island where there isn't one now. You'll receive a clue for how to get that bridge back from a stone head in the Cemetery. It will point you to the silent stone head in this map (S2).

2 - Sign

At this spot you'll see a sign that reads, "I am the guardian of the bridge; wake me up." If you throw any item at the nearby demon mouth, then a magical bridge will pop up, allowing you to visit the island to the north.

Map Clue
3 - Locked Treasure Chest

You'll find a Map clue for this treasure chest in the Tomb Underground beneath the Pyramid of Umas (Exit I). Inside the chest you'll find a Shield Potion and a Zarchton Harpoon. You should hang onto the harpoon since it's the only weapon that works underwater.

4 - Closed Gate

You'll only be able to open this gate from the northern side. It's part of an exit from the Archives (Exit C). You'll find a Horned Fruit by the gate.

5 - Pedestal

On the pedestal here you'll find an Arquebus. However, when you pick it up, you'll get dropped down into a crypt (in the Flooded Dungeon), where you'll get surrounded and attacked by about a dozen Mummies.

6 - Mind and Matter Puzzle

This puzzle is basically the same as the Philosopher's Stone puzzle in the Twigroot Tunnels, except that this time you'll have to work with two floating stones and two destinations for them. The first thing you should do in the puzzle is turn it on (#7), which will allow you to move the stones. Then you should push the closest stone east into the puzzle so you can access the back part of the puzzle. Finally, you should press the button on the eastern edge of the puzzle, which will open a secret door, and then clear the way so you can shoot the bolt between the demon mouth and the receptacle (#9), which will open a gate in the puzzle. With the two extra doors open, you should be able to circle around the stones as necessary to push them where they need to go.

7 - Lever

This lever will turn the Mind and Matter puzzle on and off.

8 - Leather Cap

You'll find a Leather Cap here.

9 - Button

When you press this button, a bolt will shoot out of the demon mouth to the north and head towards the receptacle to the south. If the path is clear so the bolt makes it all the way, then the nearby gate to the west will open up.

10 - Lock Picks

You'll find Lock Picks here.

11 - Wooden Box

Inside the Wooden Box here you'll find Bread, Horned Fruit, a Salted Sausage, a Smoked Sea Bass, and the recipe for Rage Potions.

12 - Closed Gate

You'll only be able to open this gate by completing the Mind and Matter puzzle (#6).

13 - Danger

The sign here will warn you about "danger," which you'll encounter when you step onto the pressure plate next to it. Three sets of wasps will appear and try their best to kill you. However, after defeating the wasps, if you step onto the pressure plate again, you'll cause two windgates to appear nearby (Exits D and E). They won't quite last long enough for you to run over to them, but if you stand where the northern windgate appears (Exit D) and throw an item from there onto the pressure plate, then you'll be transported to a secret area (#14) instantly. Standing on the northern windgate's position will also give you enough time to make your way to a third windgate in the secret area (Exit F), which will take you to another secret area (#16).

14 - Skull

You'll find a Skull here.

15 - Loot and Button

On the ground here you'll discover Lock Picks, 10 Pellets, and a Scroll of Shock Shield. You should also notice a button on the eastern wall. Pressing it will cause three nearby windgates (Exits D, E and F) to appear briefly, giving you a chance to escape. You'll need to move quickly to reach the windgates in time, but nothing tricky is required.

16 - Pedestal

The pedestal on the small island here is one of the secrets in the game. On it you'll find a Stormseed Orb. The only way to reach the pedestal is via a pair of windgates (Exits D and F). This maneuver is explained in the Danger entry (#13).

17 - Sack

At this spot you'll find a Sack containing Pitroot Bread and a Rage Potion.

18 - Pedestal

On the pedestal here you'll find the recipe for Antidote and Antivenom potions.

19 - Meteorite

You'll get clues about the Meteorite from a pair of stone heads: the "left eye" in the Hamlet of Stormbreach and the "right eye" in Keelbreach Bog. The heads will mention that they saw the Meteorite fall, and so you'll have to find the intersection of their sight lines, which is this square here. You'll just need to dig up the square to reveal the Meteorite, which is one of the secrets in the game.

To make use of the Meteorite, you'll need to take it to the Forge of the Fallen Stars in the Crystal Mine Abyss, where you'll be able to craft it into the Meteor Hammer.

20 - Pyramid Door

The door to the Pyramid of Umas will start out closed. If you read the Letter in the shelf next to the door, then you'll see that a "strange kind of key" is required. The only hint for the key is the pair of snake statues near the door. The key is the Serpent Staff from the Runemaster's Trial in the Herder's Den. When you use the staff's special attack on the door, it will open.

21 - Crystal Flower

You'll find a Crystal Flower here.

22 - Closed Gate

You'll only be able to open this gate by pulling the lever on its eastern side. That is, this gate is only intended as an exit from the Barren Desert (Exit H).

23 - Pedestal

On the pedestal here you'll find a Note giving you a clue about a treasure chest in Keelbreach Bog. On the ground next to the pedestal you'll find a Tribal Shield.

24 - Pedestal

On the pedestal here you'll find a Venomfang Pick.

25 - Shrine of Water

If you place four Power Gems on the table in the center of the shrine, then you'll be granted an Essence of Water. You'll find a Scroll of Frost Shield in the shrine.

26 - Secret Underwater Cache

When you first visit the map, you'll discover a barrier blocking the deepest part of the water here. To remove the barrier, you'll need to press the button on the island to the north. Inside the cache, you'll find a Wooden Box containing a Mirror Cuisse, 20 Pellets, and a Runestone Necklace. The cache is one of the secrets in the game.

27 - Wooden Box

At this spot underwater you'll find a Wooden Box containing Embalmer's Pants.

28 - Secret Underwater Cache

To open this cache, you'll need to "hold your breath" and stand on the pressure plate in front of it for several seconds. This might be a difficult wait early in the game before you build up your Energy reserves. Inside the cache you'll find an Antidote potion and a Skull.

S1 - Stone Head

"Here, even the winds are guided by him and them."

S2 - Silent Stone Head


If you stand next to the stone head and face south for a few seconds during the night, then you'll witness the Trickster creating a magical bridge to the central island. The bridge will only remain there for a little while, but if you rush over and cross it, then it will remain standing for the remainder of the game, allowing you to visit the central island whenever you want. You'll get the hint for the bridge from a stone head in the Cemetery.

S3 - Stone Head

"The gate to the fifth shrine is hidden from sight."

S4 - Stone Head

"The silent one has a friend who is more willing to speak. Head towards the sunrise, beyond the gate, to find him."

That is, a stone head in the Cemetery will give you information about the silent stone head (S2).

S5 - Stone Head

"This is the elemental shrine of water. Water is the rune of willpower and frost. Southeast is whence the forces of water are strongest."

S6 - Stone Head

"Oh thee seeker of the hidden shrine. Only by standing in the place with perfect elemental equilibrium shall thou summon forth the gate to the hidden one."

S7 - Stone Head

"Bring forth four power gems to fuse them into the essence of the element. Not all of the gems lie under skies; some of them are buried deep underground."

  1. Path to Forgotten River.
  2. Stairs down to the Ruins of Desarune.
  3. Windgate to the Archives.
  4. Temporary two-way windgates. These windgates will only appear when you step on a pressure plate (#13) or press a button (#15).
  5. Temporary two-way windgates. These windgates will only appear when you step on a pressure plate (#13) or press a button (#15).
  6. Temporary one-way windgate. This windgate will only appear when you step on a pressure plate (#13) or press a button (#15). It will take you to a secret (#16).
  7. Path to the Cemetery.
  8. Exit windgate from the Barren Desert.
  9. Entrance to the Pyramid of Umas.
  10. Stairs down to the Flooded Dungeon.