Location: Castle Nex, Lower Levels

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Map Summary


1 - Pedestal

On the pedestal here you'll find a Cursed Compass and a Letter. The Cursed Compass will help you with a puzzle in the Twisted Passage (#14). The letter will invite you to meet the Island Master on the Castle Roof.

2 - Secret Chest (Upper Walkway)

To reach this secret chest, you'll have to go through the windgate to the southwest (Exit B), which will require you to push the button located on the ground level below it (#3). Inside the chest you'll find a Greater Healing Potion, a Potion of Resurrection, and a Potion of Strength.

3 - Blue Button

Inside Castle Nex, glowing blue buttons like the one on the wall here will open up gates and doorways. However, this one will not only open up the nearby gates to the north and south, it will also open up the secret door to the southwest.

4 - Underwater Button

The button in the water here will briefly open the secret door to the northeast. To reach the secret door in time, you'll have to travel to it using the shortest possible path, which means you won't have time to rotate your view. That is, starting at the button, you'll have to move backwards once, then strafe left five times, then move forwards four times (including once to climb the ladder leading out of the water), then strafe left once, then move backwards six times, then strafe right once, and then move backwards once. It might take you a few tries to get the sequence of moves just right.

5 - Locked Nexus Portal

You'll need the Master Key to enter this portal. You won't receive the Master Key until you've defeated the Island Master at the end of the game.

6 - Secret Room

This room is one of the secrets in the game. In it you'll find five Cannon Balls, two Throwing Axes, a Skull, and a Tome of Knowledge.

7 - Bookshelves

8 - Pellets

You'll find 10 Pellets here.

9 - Ancient Map

You'll find an Ancient Map here. It will show you the entire Isle of Nex, including a couple of places that it isn't possible to visit.

10 - Shelves

In the two shelves here you'll find a Note and a Potion of Resurrection. The Note will give you a hint for the Library puzzle (#13).

11 - Broadhead Arrows

You'll find three Broadhead Arrows here.

12 - Greater Healing Potion

You'll find a Greater Healing Potion here.

13 - Library Puzzle

For this puzzle you'll have to figure out what to do with a button and three levers. You'll get a hint from a Note (#10). The Note will read, "Around the lone pillars. Don't let tired feet stop you." That is, you'll need to find the shelves that form a single column (#7) and walk around them until you see a message. This will give you three more clues:
  • One II
  • Two V
  • Three III
Note: Just be careful. Once you start circling the shelves, Dark Acolytes will start showing up in the Library.

The shelf-column clues represent a code. The first word gives the order of the numbers, and the second word gives the number (in roman numerals). That is, the code is 2-5-3.

To input the code so you can complete the puzzle, you'll need to convert it into binary. This will change the code to 010-101-011. Each digit in the binary version of the numbers is associated with one of the levers in the puzzle, with up being "0" and down being "1." To enter one of the code numbers, you'll need to put the levers in the right position, and you'll need to press the button by the door. The button will then click a number of times equal to the number represented by the levers, which will let you know if you're doing it right.

In other words, if you're facing the levers, then from left to right they should be:
  • Up, down, up (then press button)
  • Down, up, down (then press button)
  • Up, down, down (then press button)
If you do everything correctly, then the gate by the puzzle will open, allowing you to move up another level in the castle.

14 - Cursed Path Puzzle

For this puzzle you'll have to navigate a very particular path through the puzzle until you hit the puzzle exit (#15). If you deviate from the path, then you'll get teleported back to the start. The path is random, so you'll have to figure it out on your own by paying attention to the Cursed Compass (#1). The compass will show you the moves that you shouldn't make. So for example, if the compass is alternating between pointing left and right, then you should only move forward or backward.

15 - Puzzle Exit

16 - Sack

In the Sack here you'll find a Baked Maggot, Bread, a Burrow Rat Shank, and Horned Fruit.

  1. Exit to the Forgotten River.
  2. One-way windgate. This windgate will take you to the secret chest in the main hall (#2).
  3. Two-way windgate to the Void.
  4. Stairs between Castle Nex and the Library.
  5. Stairs between the Library and the Twisted Passage.
  6. Stairs up to the Test Chamber.