Location: Keelbreach Bog

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Map Summary


1 - Minor Loot

You'll find two Rocks and a Torch here.

2 - Letter

In the tree here you'll find another "helpful" Letter from the Island Master.

3 - Closed Gate

The only way to open this gate is to put something on the pressure plate to the east -- perhaps by completing the Windgate puzzle (#4).

4 - Windgate Puzzle

This puzzle involves some cycling windgates and a pressure plate at the end. You won't be able to move fast enough to avoid the windgates (which will send you back to the start of the puzzle if you run into them), but a thrown object will move at about the same speed, so if you make your throw right after the windgates start moving towards the pressure plate, then you should be successful. If your object lands on the pressure plate, then the nearby gate to the west (#3) will open, allowing you to explore more of the bog.

If you don't have any luck with this puzzle, then you can also enter the bog via the river and bypass this puzzle.

You can find a couple of Rocks nearby (#1) if you need something to throw.

5 - Launch Point

If you stand here and launch objects west, then you'll first destroy some underbrush, and then you'll land an item on the pressure plate in that direction. When the pressure plate is weighted down, a windgate (Exit B) will appear, which will send you to a secret area (#6).

6 - Secret Pedestal

This pedestal is one of the secrets in the game. On it you'll find a Shaman's Cloak.

7 - Venom Edge

On the ground here you'll find Venom Edge. It might be tough to spot in the grass.

8 - Shrine of Earth

If you place four Power Gems on the table in the center of the shrine, then you'll be granted an Essence of Earth. You'll also find 10 Pellets in one corner of the shrine.

9 - Loot

At this spot you'll find Antivenom, a Round Shield, and a Torch.

10 - Lock Picks

You'll find Lock Picks under the bridge here.

11 - Drop Down Point

Jumping down to the south here will allow you to reach the nearby treasure chest (#12).

12 - Sign / Treasure Chest

At this spot you'll see a sign that reads "Underneath." If you dig up the location, then you'll find a treasure chest containing a Crystal Shard of Recharging and a Torch.

13 - Locked Chest

This chest will start out behind a closed gate. To open the gate, you'll need to drop something onto the pressure plate in the water to the north. The chest itself is one of the secrets in the game. Inside you'll find four Crossbow Quarrels, three Lightning Bombs, and a Torch.

14 - Pellets

You'll find 10 Pellets here.

15 - Treasure Chest

You'll receive a clue for this treasure chest on Sleet Island, on the Note found with the Tribal Shield. The Note will tell you that the treasure chest is being guarded by "four fallen spirits in the bog." If you look directly to the NSEW of this spot, then you should notice four broken stone heads. They're the fallen spirits. Inside the chest you'll find a Crystal Shard of Recharging, a Horned Fruit, and a Thraelm Tribal Buckler.

16 - Power Gem

When you pick up this Power Gem, you'll get ambushed by several Zarchtons.

17 - Leather Boots

You'll find Leather Boots here.

18 - Reflexus Puzzle

Your goal in this puzzle is to flip the twelve levers nearby so that they're all pointing down. The easiest way to do this is to flip down the easternmost and westernmost levers first (since each one will also toggle two nearby levers), and then flip down the remaining interior levers (which will toggle at most one other lever). When successful, the gate to the nearby Power Gem (#19) will open.

19 - Power Gem

To open the gate to this Power Gem, you'll have to complete the Reflexus puzzle (#17).

20 - Lock Picks

In the water here you'll find a set of Lock Picks.

21 - Wooden Box

In the water here you'll find a Wooden Box containing one Broadhead Arrow, two Poison Bombs, and a pair of Shoes.

S1 - Stone Head

"Don't let the rocks fall short of their target."

S2 - Stone Head

"Generations before you have trodden these paths. Only he and they had the patience to follow them to the end."

S3 - Stone Head

"This is the elemental shrine of earth. Earth is the rune of vitality, mountains and plants. Southwest is whence the forces of earth are strongest."

S4 - Stone Head

"All matter is made from four basic elements: fire, earth, air and water. Fire opposes water like air opposes earth. But without a fifth element there would be none, as the four elements would cancel each other out. The fifth element is hidden somewhere on this island. Seek it and you may gain illumination."

S5 - Stone Head

"Bring forth four power gems to fuse them into the essence of the element. Not all of the gems lie under skies; some of them are buried deep underground."

S6 - Stone Head

"I am the right eye. I saw where the meteor fell." If you line up where the right eye is looking with where the left eye (in the Hamlet of Stormbreach) is looking, then at their intersection (in Sleet Island) you'll be able to dig up the Meteorite.

S7 - Stone Head

"He and they are more concerned with who are allowed to enter than who are left out."

S8 - Stone Head

"The serpents can be awakened."

  1. Path to Forgotten River.
  2. One-way windgate. This windgate will only appear here when the nearby pressure plate to the west has an object on it. The windgate will teleport you one square south.
  3. Stairs down to the Herder's Den.
  4. Two-way windgate.
  5. Hub windgate. You'll find the key for this windgate in the Herder's Den.