Location: Trickster's Lair

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You won't be able to enter the Trickster's Lair until you've defeated the Lindworm on the top of Castle Nex. Then when you exit the castle, you'll catch sight of the Trickster scampering north towards the Hub, and when you follow him there, you'll finally find the way to his lair open.

There isn't a whole lot to the lair. Pretty much all you'll be able to do when you arrive is place the Essence of Balance on the statue pedestal on the southern side of the map (#2). This will summon the Trickster, who will start attacking you.

The Trickster in this battle will act just like the Trickster from previous battles, except that this time he'll throw Lightning Bombs at you. He'll also sometimes trigger traps, which will cause the demon mouths in the lair to shoot fireballs. Usually the best thing to do when this happens is to jump down into the spike trap areas and then immediately climb up the ladder leading out. If you stay on the ladder, then you'll be out of range of the spikes and fireballs both. You can also watch the fireballs and run around behind them, or, if your fire resistances are really good, just ignore them.

Killing the Trickster shouldn't be too complicated. You'll just need to dance around with him and hit him when you can. However, when the Trickster "dies," instead of disappearing into a puff of smoke like before, he'll change into the Island Master, and the real battle will start. The Island Master won't move for a couple of seconds after the transformation, so that's a good time to pound him with your best (special) attacks.

When you fight the Island Master, he'll do two things: he'll create an invulnerability shield for himself, just like the Lindworm had previously, and he'll create mirror images of himself, which will attack you with a variety of spells that will do all four types of magic damage. So if you can bump up your resistances, you'll have a much better chance at surviving the battle.

If you hit a mirror image, then it will disappear, and so you'll figure out quickly whether you're attacking the real Island Master or not. When you locate the real Island Master, you should try to stay on him as much as possible, and keep hitting him even when he's invulnerable or bombarding you with spells. If you back off, then he'll just blend in with the mirror images, and it might take you a while to track him down again, during which time the mirror images will constantly pelt you with spells.

The battle with the Island Master might take a while, depending on how lucky you are at finding him, and how good your resistances are. Before starting the fight, it's a good idea to brew up a bunch of potions for your party, and also to switch over to resistance jewelry when possible. Hopefully, after perhaps some practice you should be able to wear him down and eventually kill him.

When the Island Master dies, he'll drop a Master Key, a Testament, and a Wizard's Virge. The key will allow you to open any lock in the game. The Testament will let you know that you're the new Island Master. To complete the game and watch the ending cinematic, you'll just need to return to the locked portal on the ground level of Castle Nex and go through it. You can also continue exploring Nex and possibly visit locations you might have missed, or you can just grind xp and food for as long as you want.

Congratulations for completing Legend of Grimrock II!

1 - Entrance Gate

This gate will close and lock when the battle with the Trickster starts. To open it back up, you'll need to unlock it with the Master Key.

2 - Statue

  1. Stairs up to the River Tunnels.