Legend of Grimrock II Traits
Your reflexes are exceptional. You gain Dexterity +2.

You are full of rage. Your weapons deal 2-4 extra damage.

You have a potent aura. You gain Energy +20.

Chitin Armor (Insectoid Only)
Your body is covered by a thick chitin shell. You gain Protection +10.

You are naturally resistant to cold. You gain Resist Cold +25.

Daemon Ancestor
Your great grandfather had fiery eyes. You gain Resist Fire +25.

Your max carrying capacity is increased by 25kg and your food consumption rate is decreased by 25%.

Endure Elements (Lizardman Only)
Years spent living in the wilderness have made you resistant to the forces of nature. You gain Resist All +25.

You know how to stay away from harm. You gain Evasion +5.

Fast Learner (Human Only)
You gain xp 10% faster. This bonus is in addition to the xp bonus granted by your race.

Fast Metabolism (Lizardman Only)
Your Health and Energy regenerate 30% faster, your food consumption rate increases by 20%, and healing potions work twice as well for you.

Head Hunter (Minotaur Only)
You gain Strength +1 for each Skull you carry.

You are exceptionally healthy. You gain Vitality +2.

Martial Training
You are trained to use a wide variety of melee weapons. Your melee attacks gain Accuracy +7.

Your body is muscular. You gain Strength +2.

Mutation (Ratling Only)
One of your attribute scores, chosen randomly, increases by 1 each time you gain a level.

Natural Armor
Your skin is very thick and armor-like. You gain Protection +5.

Poison Immunity (Lizardman Only)
You are immune to poison.

Poison Resistant
You are naturally resistant to poisons. You gain Resist Poison +25.

Quick (Insectoid Only)
The cooldown period for all actions you perform is decreased by 10%.

Rage (Minotaur Only)
Your Strength is temporarily increased by 10 when you have less than 20% health remaining.

Skilled (Human Only)
You gain 1 extra skill point at first level. It can only be used to raise a skill to level 1.

Strong Mind
Your mind is as sharp as a needle. You gain Willpower +2.

Your are resistant to physical punishment. You gain Health +20.