Location: Barren Desert

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Map Summary


1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll appear when you enter the windgate in the Ceremonial Chamber at the top of the Pyramid of Umas. You'll have Mummies all around you, two Magma Golems will be somewhere nearby, and even the Trickster will be on the prowl. The Mummies shouldn't pose much of a problem at this point in the game, but the Trickster and Magma Golems will require you to maneuver around to avoid their attacks, and the Mummies will get in the way. So we'd recommend retreating to the south to reduce the number of creatures attacking you at once, and then reaching out from there to draw enemies to you.

The first Magma Golem you kill will drop a Power Gem. The second one you kill will drop Meteor Plate and a Gold Key. The Trickster, as always, won't die. He'll just disappear once he's taken enough damage.

2 - Crystal Flowers

You'll find Crystal Flowers at these two spots.

3 - Pedestal

On the pedestal here you'll find a Serpent Blade.

4 - Loot

At this spot you'll find an Energy Potion and Plate Greaves.

5 - The Relic

If you translate the runes in the final final cinematic, then you'll see:

The one who knows you have been lied to.
Faamko uhu ar. Palako arko uhunel. Arna lam faamna.
Connected but apart.

You should be able to translate all of the above except "nel," which you can work out to mean "four." That is, starting at the stone head who knows you have been misled (S1), you should:
  • Turn right three times.
  • Move forward once.
  • Strafe left once.
  • Turn left three times.
  • Strafe left three times.
  • Move forward four times.
  • Strafe left twice.
  • Move backward once.
  • Turn right twice.
You'll end up facing this spot. If you dig here three times, then the Relic (aka the end boss from Legend of Grimrock) will appear. It won't attack you or anything, but you'll receive the "Relic" achievement for digging it up.

6 - Scaled Cloak

You'll find a Scaled Cloak here.

7 - Lonely Tree

8 - Pellets

You'll find 10 Pellets here.

9 - Locked Treasure Chest

You'll find the clue for this treasure chest in the Wormbound Catacombs. The Note there will tell you to start at "the loneliest of all trees" (#7) and follow its missing limb "as far as the eye can see." Inside the chest you'll find a Potion of Dexterity, a Potion of Resurrection, and the Silver Scepter of Isochronos.

S1 - Stone Head

"You have been misled. Not everything is composed of four sides. Six is the most powerful figure."

S2 - Stone Head

"The way to ascension leads through the hidden fifth shrine."

  1. Windgate to Sleet Island.