Location: Dead Sailor's Cave

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Map Summary
  • Enemies: Mummies (90 xp)


1 - Shelf

In the shelf here you'll find a Scroll of Shock and a Healing Potion.

2 - Lock Picks

On the ground here you'll find a set of Lock Picks. You'll need Lock Picks to open certain locked chests, such as the one located outside the southern exit (Exit B).

3 - Shelf

In the shelf here you'll find a wooden box containing a Flintlock and 20 Pellets.

4 - Leather Boots

You'll find Leather Boots here.

5 - Gate

This gate can be opened using the nearby button, but stepping on the pressure plate in front of it will cause it to close. To keep the gate open, you should place an item on the pressure plate and then press the button.

6 - Shelf

In the shelf here you'll find an Iron Key. It will unlock the Iron Gate (#7).

7 - Iron Gate

You'll need the Iron Key (#6) to open this gate.

8 - Altar

On the altar here you'll find a Horn of Summoning. You'll need the horn so you can exit Shipwreck Beach and explore the rest of the island.

  1. Exit to Shipwreck Beach.