Gameplay Notes
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We wrote this walkthrough using version 2.1.18 of the game. We also used the "normal" difficulty setting.

Your party members do not share xp. Each character gains however much xp the enemy is worth, regardless of how many characters you have. All surviving characters also always gain full xp for defeated enemies, regardless of whether they hit them or not.

The exception to the above is the Farmer class, which earns xp from eating food rather than killing enemies. Farmers can earn xp more quickly than the other classes, so if you want to try out a "Toorum Mode" in Grimrock II, then the Farmer class is the best choice for a solo character.

Some races improve a random attribute when they eat enough of a certain food. For ratlings the food is Cheese, for lizardmen the food is Turtle Eggs, and for insectoids the food is Horned Fruit. Humans and minotaurs don't have special foods. The improvements come after eating 3, 7, 12, 18, 25, 33, 42, 52, 63 and 75 pieces of food.

Enemies respawn on most maps, allowing you to grind xp and gather extra food.

Outside of the Repeater, firearms aren't as good as other weapons. The Firearms skill doesn't improve damage, none of your attributes increase the damage of firearms, and the ammunition for firearms is used up during each attack. Any character using firearms will need a backup way to deal damage to make up for the ammunition limitations.

Enemies never regenerate health. So if you need to, you can always run away, rest, and then return.

You can fight underwater in Grimrock II. The only weapon that works normally in such fights is the Zarchton Harpoon. The only other way to damage enemies underwater is to throw objects at them for minimal damage.

You'll only find hidden buttons on man-made objects like walls and wooden fences. You'll never find them on rocks or trees or bushes.

You can hold jewelry items in your hands instead of a weapon or shield.

You'll find more Lock Picks than there are locked chests, but you'll find fewer Gold Keys than there are special Gold Key caches. So be careful where you spend your Gold Keys. At the end of the game you'll gain a Master Key that will allow you to open everything.

It's a good idea to keep throwing weapons around. You'll need them for numerous puzzles. You should also keep some Torches with you, even after you learn the "Light" spell.

You can find Ropes in the game. They'll allow you to climb down pits without taking damage. To use a Rope, just stand facing a pit and then right-click on the Rope like a weapon.

You can find Shovels in the game. They'll allow you to dig up graves and buried treasures. To use a Shovel, just stand facing the square that you want to dig up and then right-click on the Shovel like a weapon.

In general, heavy items are better than light items, and strength items are better than dexterity items. You'll find enough quality equipment in the game that you can have two characters focus on heavy weapons and heavy armor.

If you're having trouble picking classes and races for your party, we'd recommend going with a lizardman paladin (heavy weapons), a minotaur barbarian (heavy weapons), a ratling alchemist (missile weapons), and an insectoid battlemage (fire / air magic).