Your Squad


There are over 60 recruits available in the game. Their stats will be slightly different from game to game, and it will mostly depend on your character. The more charisma you have, the faster you'll gain ranks, and the faster recruits will be added to the recruit pool. So we'll just make some recommendation on what you should look for, and then list who we used.

What Makes a Good Recruit

We wanted our squad to consist of heavy gunners and snipers. Fortunately, characters built for one can often do the other, and so you only need to look for a few important attributes in your squad members.

They should have one or more ranged weapon skills tagged, along with perhaps the sneak skill and some utility skill.

They should have the gifted or fast shot traits, or you should be able to mutate them to add those traits.

They should have high values for perception and agility.

They should have useful perks. The best way to ensure this is to grab the recruit as early as possible.

Our Recruits

We used the following recruits in our game:

Farsight (sniper)
Mandy (sniper)
Brian (gunner)
Trevor (gunner / thrower)
Babs (sniper / thief)

All of these characters are available early in the game. Only Babs requires your character to have a rank over Senior Initiate, and you can use Robin as your thief until she becomes available.