Mission: Junction City

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  • Retrieve the four robot parts (#5, #8, #9, #14).
  • Confront the reavers at their base (#14).
  • (Optional) Recruit Casey (#4).


You'll start the mission right outside Junction City's southern gate (#1). Junction City is a neutral town, so you won't need to sneak around or kill anybody inside. Your main goal in the town is to pick up some robot parts (#5, #8, #9, #14), but you should also visit a mechanic named Casey (#4) and convince her to join the Brotherhood.

After you've collected two of the four robot parts, reavers will attack the town. They'll always attack at the northern gate (#10), so you can plan ahead and put most of your squad on the walls there. Reavers will use energy weapons (such as the sunbeam laser rifle and the plasma rifle), but they'll have fewer hit points than super mutants, and they'll be much easier to kill.

After you've beaten off the assault, you'll need to take the fight to the reavers at their base outside of town (#14). You'll find several reavers inside and outside the base, and you'll also find a robot torso inside on a workbench. After killing the reavers, when you return to the mayor (#9), he'll give you a robot head as a reward for helping out the town. If that's your last robot part, then you'll receive 16,000 experience points, and the extraction points (Exit C) will appear.

1 - Starting Position

2 - Hank's Shack

Outside the shack, you'll encounter four reavers lying in wait for you. If you face them one at a time, you should be able to kill them pretty easily.

Inside the shack, you'll find Martha Dilbert kneeling over the corpse of a raider, sobbing to herself. If you talk to her, you'll discover that the raider was her husband Hank, and that the reavers killed him for his robot torso, and then took the piece to their base (#14).

Also inside the shack, you can pick up a plasma rifle from the floor and a 7.62 FN fal from the shelves.

3 - Chuck

Chuck will offer to sell you the robot part that "flew out of its chest when it blew up." You'll later discover that the object isn't really a robot part (it's a combination of ancient appliance), but there isn't any harm in buying it. Chuck will also offer to sell you some odds and ends, including a scout handbook.

4 - Casey's House

In this house you'll find Casey the mechanic and her wounded father. If you talk to Casey, she'll give you a not-so-subtle hint: "I wish there was a doctor in this town." That is, if you heal the father (you don't need to use the doctor skill; the first aid skill is fine), then Casey will agree to join the Brotherhood, and you'll gain 7750 experience points.

5 - The Pit

The bar is on the ground floor of the building. You'll discover that the name of the bartender is Angry Rick, which makes sense because he'll be angry at just about everything, including you. However, if you talk to him three times, he'll decide that discretion is the better part of valor, and he'll give you the robot actuator for free. You can also just steal or gamble for the part.

On the upper floor, you can pick up a Big Book of Science from one of the bookshelves.

6 - Building

You'll discover several containers to loot in this building, both on the first and second floors (the ladder leading to the second floor can be found on the southern side). The contents of those containers will mostly be junk (pre-war food items and such), but you might as well pick them up so you'll have something to sell when you barter with Juan at Juan's Emporium (#8). On the second level, you'll also run into an evil Brahmin with a cattle prod.

7 - Buildings

If you loot all of the shelves and containers in these buildings, you'll find a Beretta 470 Silverhawk, a field medic F/A kit, a copy of Dean's Electronics, 500 ring pulls, and more.

8 - Juan's Emporium

The shop is on the ground floor. There you'll find Juan, the proprietor. He'll offer to sell you a robot arm for ring pulls, and he'll tell you that Hank (#2) has a piece of the robot as well. The robot arm won't cost you very much, but if you're feeling especially cheap, you can steal it or gamble for it as well.

9 - Town Hall

You'll meet Mayor Levis in the town hall. He'll make you a deal: if you kill all of the reavers in the area, then he'll give you a robot head. You can also talk to Anna, the mayor's assistant. She'll tell you where the other three robot parts can be found (#2, #5, #8), but she'll be wrong about Hank having a part.

If you loot all of the bookshelves in the town hall, then you'll find a scout handbook, some medical supplies, and some papers. The papers didn't have any description in our game, and they didn't seem to have any purpose, either.

10 - Northern Gate

This is where the reaver assault will take place, after you've picked up two of the robot parts. The Junction City enforcers will help out, but they'll be overmatched. However, if you leave 3-4 squad members with sniper rifles on the city walls, then they should be able to fend off the reavers with little trouble.

11 - Underground Room

You'll encounter three giant rats in the room, plus a few chests and crates. If you loot all of the containers, then you'll find a bunch of guns and ammunition, including something called a chauchat.

12 - Underground Room

You'll find several containers in this room. Inside you'll find a variety of weapons and supplies, including a paramedic's bag and an expanded lockpick set.

13 - Crate

You'll find a paramedic's bag and a field medic F/A kit in the crate here.

14 - Reaver House

You'll find a bunch of reavers here, both inside and outside the house. We just advanced with sniper rifles ready and didn't have any problem reaching the house. Once we got to the house, we patrolled outside with shotguns and killed all of the reavers on the first floor by firing at them through the windows. The second floor reavers are a little tougher, but sneaking around corners and blasting them at point blank range with shotguns worked pretty well.

Inside the house, you'll find a robot torso on a workbench. Outside the house, you'll find a house key on the corpse of a civilian. You can use the house key to unlock one of the doors inside the house.

  1. Ladder.
  2. Ladder. We were only able to go up this ladder.
  3. Extraction points.