Mission: Canyon City

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  • Destroy the six power nodes simultaneously (#3).
  • Gather information about the Calculator (#7).


This mission should be straightforward for you to complete. Your main objective is to destroy the six power nodes on the map (#3). However, each time you destroy a node, it will shortly thereafter begin to repair itself. That means that you'll need to destroy the six power nodes simultaneously. You can do that by placing a squad member next to each node and then attacking them at the same time, or you can place remote detonation traps next to each node, and then blow them up at the same time. Conveniently, you'll find 14 remote detonation traps on the map (#2), giving you plenty of explosives to get the job done. Regardless of the method you use, you'll gain 69,750 experience points when the power nodes are gone.

The robots guarding the power nodes should all be familiar. They'll use weapons like vindicator miniguns and sunbeam laser rifles, but if you're using power armour and energy weapons, you should be able to kill robots quickly without taking much damage in return. That includes the tank bot and the pacification bot that you'll find in the headquarters building (#7).

Note: You'll also have to deal with some turrets on the map (#5, #7, Exit E), but you can turn them off by flipping one of the switches on the map (#6).

To learn more about the Calculator, you'll have to infiltrate the headquarters building (#7) and head up to the second floor. There you'll find three computer terminals. Each time you talk to a terminal, you'll learn a little bit about the Calculator, and you'll earn 13,950 experience points. Then after you've talked to all three, the objective will be considered complete, and you'll earn an additional 13,950 experience points.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Robots

You'll encounter a few robots here. Two of them will drop enough remote detonation traps to take care of all of the power nodes (#3) on the map. Another will drop a detonator and a PPK12 Gauss Pistol. The pistol is a pretty good weapon, but it will be a while before you find enough 2mm EC ammunition to use it regularly.

3 - Power Node

You'll find six power nodes on the map. If you destroy a single node (using weapons or the science skill), then eventually it will repair itself, so you'll have to destroy all six at the same time. You can do this either by placing one squad member next to each node, and having them all attack at once, or by placing a pair of remote detonation traps next to each node, and then blowing them all up at the same time. Both methods work just as well, but since you'll find plenty of remote detonation traps on the map (#2), you might as well use that method. For destroying the six power nodes, you'll receive 69,750 experience points.

4 - Sniper Platform

You'll be able to hit a lot of robots from the sniper platform, but they'll be able to attack you as well. So don't position your squad members where they can be hit from multiple sides. Put them in the southwestern corner to attack the western robots, and in the northeastern corner to attack the northern robots.

5 - Turrets

You'll encounter a pair of turrets guarding the power node here (#3). If you flip the switch just outside the building to the south (#6), you can turn the turrets off. Just be careful when you approach the switch, because there is a window right next to it, and the turrets can shoot through the window. You'll find a bunch of 7.62mm ammunition on the turrets after you've destroyed them.

6 - Switches

You'll find two switches on the map. It appears that if you flip either switch at least once, then all of the turrets on the map will deactivate.

7 - Headquarters

This is the main robot building in the area. It'll be heavily guarded to the south, where you'll encounter two turrets using explosive rockets and three humanoid bots using vindicator miniguns. You can turn off the turrets by flipping one of the two switches on the map (#6), and you can kill at least one of the bots from the sniper platform near where you start (#4).

Inside the building, you'll find two power nodes (one on the ground floor and one on the second floor), a pacification bot and a tank bot (both on the ground floor), and three computer terminals (all on the second floor). You'll be able to attack the big bots one at a time, and if you have power armour plus plasma rifles or Browning M2s, the bots shouldn't last long enough to kill anybody in your squad. You'll also encounter some miscellaneous bots in the building, including one with a sunbeam gattling laser.

The computer terminals are what you'll need to use to complete the second objective of the mission. Just talk to all three to learn a little bit about the Calculator. Each time you talk to a terminal, you'll receive 13,950 experience points. After talking to all three, you'll gain an additional 13,950 experience points.

  1. Ladders. These two ladders connect to each other via a short tunnel. If you go through the tunnel, you'll find yourself next to a switch (#6) that you can use to shut off the power to the turrets guarding the headquarters building (#7).
  2. Ladder.
  3. Ladder.
  4. Ladder.
  5. Staircase. You'll find a turret guarding the bottom of the staircase. Use one of the switches on the map (#6) to deactivate the turret.