Mission: Rock Falls

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  • Find the device.
  • Kill all of the raiders.


You'll start out on the western side of the map, in a small alcove protected by walls (#1). Raiders won't patrol near your position, so you don't have to worry about combat finding you like it did in the previous mission.

Your main objective in this mission is pretty straightforward: kill all of the raiders on the map. There aren't any alarms this time, so you can just make your way through the map, killing raiders any way you'd like.

There are three ways to get into the raider's compound: through the front gate (#2), through a break in the fence (#3), and through a locked door in the fuel depot (#5a). It doesn't make a lot of difference which approach you choose to take, but we like to go in through the main gate. The best way to deal with the gate guards is to head to the fuel depot (#5) and start destroying fuel tanks. Each time you blow up a fuel tank, the gate guards will come to the fuel depot to investigate. That's a good thing because there are some easily defensible positions between the main gate and the fuel depot, such as the trench (#4), and with a couple competent snipers, you should be able to dispatch the gate guards with little trouble.

Note: If the raiders stop on their way to the fuel depot, just destroy another fuel tank to get them moving again.

Once you've gained access to the compound, you should take the time to kill all of the raiders outside the compound, and all of the patrollers inside the compound. You can use the compound walls to your advantage for this, especially if you came in from the side and need a way to deal with the raiders at the main gate.

Next you should clear out each of the buildings inside the compound. Most of the buildings have something interesting about them. For example, in the building next to the main gate (#6), you'll encounter a raider named Daisy guarding a tribal named Nanuk. If you kill Daisy then you'll earn 200 experience points, and you'll find a hunting rifle and a gate key on her corpse. The gate key isn't for the main gate (#2); it's for the inner gate (#13). Nanuk doesn't seem to be important. When you talk to him, he'll simply run off, and you won't get any extra experience points for freeing him. You can also pick up a first aid kit and some stimpaks in the building.

After clearing out the buildings, including the prison (#8) where you can pick up the device mentioned in your objectives, you'll need to head for the headquarters (#14). To get past the inner gate surrounding it, you'll have to enter the small building next to the gate (by using the gate key from Daisy) and flip the switch inside.

You'll find a bunch of raiders inside the headquarters, including Jesse the raider leader, but they won't be any more difficult than any of the other raiders you've ever fought, and so it shouldn't be very difficult to fight your way through the building. Once Jesse goes down, you'll be informed that you've completed the "kill all raiders" objective, even if Jesse wasn't the last one.

Before leaving the headquarters, you should be sure to loot the safe on the ground level. It has a semi-tough lock, but remember that you can put lockpicks into each hand of a squad member for a 40% total bonus to lockpicking. That should give you enough skill to open the safe, and inside you'll find Maddock's Tricks & Traps plus some RadAway.

1 - Starting Position

2 - Front Gate

You'll find seven raiders guarding the front gate. Destroy fuel tanks in the fuel depot (#5) to lure them away.

3 - Break in the Fence

Be careful of the mine field (#12) if you go through the break inthe fence.

4 - Trench

You'll find a pair of raiders hiding in the trench.

5 - Fuel Depot

You'll find three raiders in the fuel depot(#5). If you have some skill in lockingpicking, then you can use the locked door here (#5a) to get into the raider's compound.

6 - Building

You'll find a raider named Daisy and a tribal named Nanuk here. Killing Daisy will net you 200 experience points, and you'll find a hunting rifle and a gate key on her corpse. The gate key can be used to open the inner gate (#13). Freeing Nanuk doesn't seem to gain you anything, except for perhaps karma.

7 - Building

In this building you'll find Luke the raider plus some other raiders. When you kill Luke, you'll receive 200 experience points.

8 - Prison

The door to the prison starts out locked. You'll need to pick up the prison key (#9) to unlock it. Inside the prison you'll meet a scribe named Diesoon. When you talk to him, he'll give you the device you were sent to retrieve (a mechanical arm), and you'll also receive 350 experience points. Talking to Diesoon a second time will cause him to flee the map, so don't send him off until it's safe.

9 - Building

Inside this building you'll find three raiders. One will drop a prison key when it dies.

10 - Building

Inside this building you'll meet Bo the raider. Bo is a grenadier, so it's best to snipe at him through the windows of the building. Chances are, if Bo even gets off an attack, he'll hit the wall rather than the window, and the grenade will bounce back and explode in his face. If you kill Bo, or if Bo kills himself, then you'll receive 200 experience points. Bo starts out with one incendiary grenade and six frag grenades, but he'll probably use some of them up in the fight. Inside the room you can also loot a big book of science from the locked chest.

11 - Barn

There are two brahmin inside the barn. If you go inside the barn, then the brahmin will run off -- right into the mine field (#12) -- and blow up.

12 - Mine Field

You'll find several mines in the mine field. The lower your characters are to the ground, the easier time they'll have spotting the mines. You don't need to disable the mines, but if you can (you'll need a traps skill of around 40% just to give yourself a decent chance), you'll make some extra money when you return to the bunker. If you can't deal with the mines when you first come to the mine field, then wait a little while. You'll probably gain a level while on the mission, and you'll find a traps book after the final battle (at #14).

13 - Inner Gate

There is a small building next to the gate. You'll need the gate key from Daisy the raider (#6) to get into the building, but once inside you'll be able to activate the switch there, and that will open the gate.

14 - Headquarters

The headquarters has two levels. Before going in, you should send a couple of squad members up the ladder to the inner walls (the ladder is on the northern side), so that they can deal with the two raiders up there. Then, unless you have somebody who is very good at picking locks (the door on the ground level appears to require over 100% in lockpicking), you'll have to climb up the stairs on the outside of the headquarters, take care of the raiders on the upper level, and then finally deal with Jesse the raider on the lower level.

The battle with Jesse can be tough. He'll have two raiders with him, the room will be small enough that you won't have a range advantage, and the raiders will have a better defensive position. But these raiders, just like all raiders, are terrible shots, so if you send a trio of squad members down the stairs to confront them, the battle should proceed quickly. Once Jesse is dead, you'll receive 600 experience for completing the "kill all raiders" objective (even if Jesse wasn't the last one).

Also on the ground level of the headquarters, you can loot a shelf and a chest. The shelf has some molotov cocktails in it, and the safe contains a copy of Maddock's Tricks & Traps, plus some RadAway. The safe starts out locked, and its lock is semi-difficult, but remember that you can put lockpicks into each hand of a squad member to gain a total lockpicking bonus of 40%. That should be enough to get you into the safe.

  1. Extraction area. The area extends along the entire western edge of the map.