Mission: Great Bend

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  • Find and destroy all of the robots.


In this mission you'll have to fight a bunch of robots. The best weapons against robots are energy weapons. If you didn't save any of the energy weapons from Junction City, or if you haven't yet developed any of your squad members to use energy weapons, then you might want to complete the Coldwater mission first. That mission will put you up against humans, and it should help you to prepare for this mission.

You'll start out at the western edge of the map (#1). Your goal in Great Bend is pretty simple: just seek out and destroy all of the robots on the map. For the most part, you'll only face one or two robots at a time, and if your entire squad is using energy weapons, then the robots shouldn't last very long.

Near the end of the mission, you'll face a pacification bot (#15). This is the leader of the robots in the area, but it was damaged by a collapsing wall, and so it won't be as difficult to kill as it normally would be. In fact, if you're using continuous turn-based mode, you might kill it without realizing it. The pacification bot will only net you 1 experience point, but once you've completed the main objective for the mission, you'll receive a cool 49,750 experience points.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Jake

Jake will give you an introduction to the area. He'll tell you that the "Mr. Handy wannabees" showed up two weeks ago and started killing all of the humans in the town, and that the surviving humans have moved underground. He'll also let you know that the robots have been acting strangely lately, as if their "queen ant" had been killed.

3 - Ripley

If you freed Ripley from her prison in Freeport, then you'll find her corpse here. From it, you can grab one of every type of book: a Big Book of Science, Guns and Bullets, a scout handbook, Maddock's Tricks & Traps, Zen Art of Piloting, and a first aid book.

4 - Downed Power Lines

If you get too close to the downed power lines, they'll damage you -- a lot! It isn't possible to turn off the power to the lines, but if you skirt around them to the east or west, you can make your way to Noelene's house (#5).

5 - Noelene's House

You'll have to pick open the gate to the fence surrounding the house, but you won't need too much skill to get the job done (we did it with a character who had a 40% lockpick skill). Inside you'll meet Noelene, who will tell you how she saw a robot wander into a derelict building (#15) and get crushed by a wall. Ever since then, the other robots have been acting strangely.

You can also loot a bookshelf in Noelene's house for a bunch of medical supplies.

6 - Building

In this building (#6), you'll find a shelf containing 30 canisters of acid. The canisters can be used in the water gun (from the Canadian Invasion special encounter), an effective weapon against robots. You'll also find a switch against the back wall. Flipping the switch will open the nearby gate (#6a), allowing you to move farther into the city.

7 - Factory

You'll encounter two security bots and two load lifters in this factory. If you fire at the security bots from behind the fence to the west, then the load lifters will charge at you, and you can ambush them as they go through the door.

You'll also find some civilian corpses in the factory. Most won't be very interesting, but on one you'll find a first aid book and a copy of Guns and Bullets. You can also loot a locker for some plasma grenades.

Note: If you climb up to the elevated part of the factory (where the locker is), you might notice that there are holes in the wall. You can use the holes to fire on some of the robots in the junkyard (#10) and the nearby factory (#9). Just be careful since the robots will be able to fire back at you.

8 - Building

The building starts out locked, but you can pick the lock without much in the way of a lockpicking skill. Inside, you'll meet Mike, who will tell you a disturbing story about his sister Emma. You'll also find a chest in the building, and from it you can loot 20 canisters of acid and a Big Book of Science. Finally, you can use the staircase in the building to access a tunnel that will take you to the trench running through the center of the town.

9 - Factory

You'll encounter three security bots in the factory.

10 - Junkyard

You'll find about ten robots in the junkyard. For best results, try to pick off some of them from the factory to the west (#7).

11 - Gloria

Gloria is a merchant, but she won't have much to offer you... unless you're trying to collect every issue of Naked Moose Magazine in the game.

12 - Raider Corpse

On the corpse you'll find a bren gun and some ammunition.

13 - Steelworks

You'll encounter three load lifters in the steelworks.

14 - Factory Building

You'll find two load lifters in the factory building.

15 - Pacification Bot

This is the "queen ant" robot that Jake (#2) and Noelene (#5) talked about. Even though it'll be listed as "unhurt," its accident will have taken its toll, and you'll only have to hit it once or twice to destroy it. When you meet these bots in the future, they'll be much tougher.

Flipping the switch here will open up the gate to the south (#16).

16 - Gate

You can open this gate by flipping the switch to the north (#15).

  1. Extraction point.