Mission: Jefferson

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  • Destroy the four generators (#6, #13, #16, #17).


You'll start out in the northwestern corner of the map (#1), right next to a large building complex (#2). Even though the mission objectives will only mention destroying generators (#6, #13, #16, #17), you'll need to clear out the building complex first; otherwise the mutants on the roof will try to make your life miserable. The best way to kill the mutants is to send your squad through the holes in the wall on the western side of the complex, and then sneak them onto the roof to hit the mutants from behind. Dealing with the mutants should be straightforward, but you'll need to be careful of all of the land mines and booby traps in and around the complex.

Past the complex, you'll just need to fight your way through the map and destroy the four power generators. You'll once again be facing super mutants, but this time you won't have an APC to help you out. You'll have a two-seat "scouter" vehicle available, but it'll help you far less than the APC did in St. Louis, and you'll be fighting inside houses where the scouter won't be able to go, and so we'd only recommend using it for storage.

Luckily, most of the mutants in the area won't have Browning M2s. They'll rely heavily on the M249 SAW, which has a lesser range. That means if you've equipped your squad with sniper rifles (you should have found two in St. Louis and two for sale in the Brotherhood bunkers), then you should be able to out-range the mutants, and take very little damage while killing them. The only time you'll need to be careful is when you get close to them, and then your own heavy guns and shotguns (and maybe even some grenades) should come into play.

Besides the generators, there are a few other interesting things on the map. If you're thorough in your explorations, you'll be able to pick up a laser pistol (#2), a flamer (#4), another sniper rifle (#4), two sets of environmental armour (#11, #16), some books (#12, #17) and more.

Danger! Mine nearby!
Note: This map is heavily mined. Any time you see a bundle of sticks (see insert), that means there are likely to be land mines nearby. You should be careful and let your trapper lead the way at all times.

At the end of the mission, you'll find yourself in a factory (#17). None of the mutants inside and behind the factory will be hostile to you, except for the mutant commander. You'll get 10,000 experience points for killing the commander, but if you kill any of the other mutants, then you'll lose rank and reputation, and General Dekker will chew you out during the mission debriefing, and so we wouldn't advise it.

1 - Starting Point

You'll find a scouter here. It's a two-seat vehicle that only has 150 hit points. You can use it for storage if you want, but we wouldn't recommend using it much for combat.

2 - Building Complex

On the first floor of the complex, you'll find a lot of land mines and booby traps, plus a trapped chest containing ammunition (including .50 cal ammunition), frag grenades, and stimpaks. It's best to let your traps expert lead the way here.

On the second floor, you'll encounter a pair of mutants hiding behind sandbags. One will have an M249 SAW, but the other will only have an iron pipe.

The roof is really what you have to worry about. There will be two mutants up there. One will have a rocket launcher, and the other will have frag grenades. They'll be watching the street to the north, and if you try to walk by them along the street then things will probably go badly for you. But if you enter the building complex through one of the holes in the wall on the western side, and then sneak some squad members up to the roof behind them, you should be able to kill the mutants pretty easily. Just use long range weapons against them, since that will neutralize the grenadier.

Once the mutants on the roof are dead, be sure to loot the shelf at their position. In it you'll find a laser pistol. You might also want to use your current height advantage to attack some of the mutants in the nearby buildings, such as the ones in the train station (#4).

3 - Building

You'll find three mutants holed up inside the building, and two mutants patrolling around outside of it.

4 - Train Station

You'll find four mutants at the train station. Three will be on the western side (one inside and two on the roof), and the fourth will be on the roof of the eastern side. You'll find a flamer and some flamethrower fuel on the fourth mutant, and right next to him you'll find a fridge with a sniper rifle inside. Back on the first floor, you'll also find a bookshelf with some ammunition and stimpaks inside.

5 - Minefield

6 - Generator

You'll find a few super mutants guarding the generator, but they'll all be wielding melee weapons, and so they should be easy to kill. To destroy the generator, just attack it with your weapons (using whatever ammunition is cheapest or most plentiful). You'll get 2000 experience points when it blows up. Next to the generator, you'll find a crate containing some ammunition, grenades, and healing supplies.

7 - Fortified Position

You'll find several mutants hiding inside guard shacks and behind barricades here. If you don't want to deal with them, you can just make your way through the minefield (#5) instead. You can also use the minefield to circle around and attack the mutants from behind.

8 - Building

On the second floor of this building, you'll find a bookshelf with a Beretta 470 Silverhawk, some 12 gauge shotgun shells, and some stimpaks.

9 - Building

In the back of this building, you'll find a chest with some .50 cal ammunition and a few stimpaks in it.

10 - Building

You'll find a lone super mutant in the building, plus a workbench containing some odds and ends. But the most useful thing about the building is that you can use its windows to take pot shots at the mutants in the building to the east (#11).

11 - Building

You'll find a pair of super mutants in this building. Both will have Browning M2s, so approach them carefully. We had luck attacking them from the building to the west (#10). Also in the building you can pick up a suit of environmental armour from a bookshelf.

12 - Hole

The hole drops down into a tunnel system that will lead you to the basement of the main factory (#17). You'll have to trudge through a lot of radioactive goop in the tunnels, but if you send someone down there -- a mutant in environmental armour (#11, #16) will be perfectly protected -- then you'll find a scout handbook in a chest.

Note: The ground slopes down from the east to the west in the hole. If you have trouble getting your squad members to go down the slope, then try positioning them on the eastern side near the barrels and the rough patch of dirt.

13 - Generator

This generator will be guarded by a handful of patrolling super mutants and a pair of stationary turrets. Unlike in Preoria, the turrets here won't go up and down, and so you won't be able to avoid them by using turn-based mode. Instead, your best bet is to sneak past them. There is a gate in the fence west of the generator, and if you hug the fence west of that, then you can sneak around the turret on that side. Past the gate, you'll have to deal with some mutants in close quarters (which can always go badly, so save first), but once the generator goes down you'll earn 2000 experience points.

Next to the generator you'll find a chest containing .50 cal ammunition and four stimpaks.

Note: Some people have reported that destroying the generator here (or all of the generators on the map) will knock the turrets off line, but we didn't find that to be the case. Destroying the generator at #6 is supposed to turn off the street lights, and that didn't happen for us, either. However, if you really want to kill the turrets, you should be able to out-range them with your sniper rifles. Sniper rifles will do about half damage to the turrets, and you should be able to stand far enough away when firing that the turrets won't even fight back. You can also try rushing the turrets with your favorite shotgun or machine gun. Each turret is worth 39 experience points and will drop some 7.62mm ammunition.

14 - Storage Area

You'll find four mutants inside the storage area. If you can kill the quartet, then you'll be able to loot a crate containing a flamer pistol.

15 - Building

You'll find a single mutant with a rocket launcher on the roof of the building. Also on the roof, if you hunt around in the northeastern corner, you'll find a pot containing 10 canisters of flamethrower fuel.

16 - Generator

You'll find several mutants guarding this generator and the nearby factory (#17). We just went in the front way to kill them; you can also sneak under the fence (at #18) to catch them from behind. When you destroy the generator, the big gate leading to the factory will open, the gate to the east (#19) will open, and you'll receive 2000 experience points.

In a crate next to the generator, you can pick up a suit of environmental armour.

17 - Factory / Generator

There are two ways into the factory: through the big gate to the south, and through a regular door to the west. Both start out locked and both can be picked, although the big gate will automatically open after you destroy the nearby generator (#16).

If you go through the big gate, then you'll be confronted by a mutant commander. The commander will tell you that the mutants are fighting some threat to the west, and that they need the factory to solve their sterility problem -- and then she'll attack. Since the commander won't turn hostile until you approach her, you can set up your squad like a firing squad, so that when she does attack she'll die really, really quickly. For killing the commander you'll receive 10,000 experience points.

Note: On the commander's corpse, you'll find a cattle prod and a couple of super stimpaks. In the fridge next to the commander, you can loot a Big Book of Science.

Inside the factory, you'll find a mutant scientist, his assistant (by the basement stairs), and a bunch of weird-looking experiments. Don't attack them. If you do, then General Dekker will berate you for it during the mission debriefing. Instead, head up the stairs in back and destroy the generator there. You'll receive 2000 experience for your efforts, and, if this was the final generator, then you'll receive 2000 more experience for successfully completing all of the mission objectives.

Note: In a shelf on the second floor of the factory, you can pick up a rocket launcher. In a shelf in the basement, you can grab some medical supplies.

18 - Fence

There's a hole under the fence here, and you can use it to sneak up to the factory and catch its defenders from behind.

19 - Gate

This gate will open automatically when you destroy the nearby generator (#16). Beyond the gate you'll find five super mutants. The game will consider them innocents, so you'll lose rank and reputation if you kill them, but you can rob them for some .50 cal ammunition.

  1. Extraction point.