Mission: Freeport

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  • Meet up with the informant (#4).
  • Rescue the village elder (#9b).
  • (Optional) Blow up the still (#10).
  • (Optional) Free Ripley the prisoner (#7).


This is supposed to be a stealthy mission. The idea is to sneak in, rescue the elder (#9b), and then sneak away (to Exit A). Unfortunately, it's possible that nobody in your team will have a sneak skill above 50, and so sneaking might not be much of an option. In that case, what you'll need to do is kill the raiders quickly so that they can't run to either of the alarms (#8) and wake up the raiders in the nearby tents (#9).

You'll start the mission in the northwestern corner (#1). If you left any of your squad members in "aggressive" mode, then they'll probably pop off and attack a raider to the south, and so there's a good chance that you'll start off the mission with a battle. Luckily, none of the raiders along the dried-up riverbed seem to be interested in sounding the alarm, and so you can kill them in peace.

There are three ways to cross the riverbed and enter the compound (#3). If you take the time to kill all of the raiders along the riverbed first, then it doesn't really matter which entrance you use, since they'll all be unguarded. But since your first objective is to meet up with the informant (#4), and since the informant is right next to the southern entrance, that's the one we usually go through.

The informant (#4) won't tell you a whole lot, just that the raiders aren't currently prepared for visitors, and that your best chance of rescuing the village elder (#9b) is to remain quiet. Once you've talked to the informant, he'll wander off and you won't be able to speak to him again.

The difficult part of the mission comes when you approach the tents (#9). Before doing that, you should try to pick off as many raiders as possible, and you should loot the locker on the eastern edge of the map (#13) to pick up a free AK47.

The guards patrolling around the tent area are the ones most likely to sound the alarm. If that happens then all of the sleeping raiders will wake up and group together, and then charge at you when they see you. However, while some of the raiders will have AK47s or scorpios, most will only have spears or clubs, and so even if you run into a bunch of raiders together, you should still be relatively safe. That being said, try to lure the raiders into ambushes (for example, try to lure them around corners where your squad members are waiting for them) to minimize the amount of damage you take.

Once you've killed all of the raiders, including O'Reilly the raider leader (#9a), and once you've completed both of the optional objectives (at #7 and #10), then you should walk over and talk to the village elder (#9b). The second time you talk to him, he'll make a dash for the extraction point (Exit A). If he makes it, then you'll earn 450 experience points, and you'll be ready to head for the extraction point yourself.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Tent

In a shelf inside the tent, you'll find some lockpicks.

3 - Riverbed Crossings

4 - Informant

5 - Bookshelf

Inside you'll find 8 rounds of .44 magnum ball ammunition, plus a scout handbook.

6 - Cabinet

You'll find buffout and a first aid kit inside the cabinet.

7 - Ripley the Prisoner

You'll find Ripley locked in a room here. It is possible to pick the lock to the room, but you can also find the prison door key on O'Reilly's corpse (#9a). When you talk to Ripley, she'll promise to reward you if you ever visit her in Great Bend, and then she'll flee. If she makes it to the extraction point (Exit A), then you'll receive 150 experience points.

8 - Alarms

9 - Tents

You'll find O'Reilly, the raider leader, in tent #9a. You'll find the village elder in tent #9b. The best and safest way to rescue the elder is to kill all of the raiders on the map before talking to him.

10 - Alcohol Still

The mission briefing suggests that you can blow up the still as a diversion, to make it easier to escape with the village elder (#9b), but for us it's never worked. Any time we've blown up the still, the alarms have gone off, and all of the sleeping raiders have simply woken up. That would make the still a useful thing to avoid, except that blowing it up is worth 200 experience points. Plus, if you kill the guards next to the still, then you'll also find an AK47 on one of them.

11 - Crate

Inside the crate you'll find four molotov cocktails.

12 - Locked Room

It doesn't appear to be possible to pick the lock on the door, but you can find a house key on a raider who patrols near the village elder's tent (#9b). Inside the locked room, you'll discover a sleeping raider (he'll even sleep through the alarm). On his corpse you'll find an AK47, in the chest in the room you'll find a Browing HP, and on the floor you'll find some Rad-X.

13 - Locker

Inside the locker, you'll find an AK47 plus some ammunition.

  1. Extraction point.