Mission: Newton

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  • Rescue the reaver elders (#4, #7, #9, #10).
  • Retrieve the weapon prototype (#9).


Just like in Great Bend, you'll be fighting robots in this mission. However, unlike in Great Bend, you'll receive two advantages. The first is the reavers. You'll encounter a few of their soldiers in the area, and they'll assist you in fighting robots. The second advantage is the tank (#3). The tank only holds five people, but it has 500 hit points, and it's the most powerful vehicle in the game. Possibly, the mission designers only intended that you use the tank in the small area near where you find it, but the tank can actually squeeze into a lot of places -- like between the fence and the building with the first reaver elder (#4) -- and so you can use it to kill most of the robots on the map.

If you use the tank, then you should find this mission to be pretty easy. The only place where the tank won't give you an advantage is in the storage facility (#10). You'll find three turrets in that building, but we couldn't get the tank close enough to the building to fire on them. However, you can sneak into the building through a hole in the wall, and flip a switch on the third floor to turn off the turrets.

So drive around the map and kill the robots, and talk to each of the four reaver elders (#4, #7, #9, #10). Each time you talk to an elder, the elder will join your squad, and you'll just need to walk the elder to the extraction point (Exit A) to rescue them. You'll gain 9950 experience points for each elder you rescue, plus a bonus of 9950 experience points for rescuing all four. The weapon prototype can be found right next to one of the elders (#9), and so it should be easy to pick up as well. When you grab it, you'll earn 39,800 experience points.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Factory

You'll find five robots in the factory, including a pair of scurry bots on the roof. You can loot a vindicator minigun and a super tool kit from one of the robots on the ground floor, and you can pick up a paramedic's bag from a workbench on the upper floor.

3 - Tank

When you find the tank, it'll only have 60/500 hit points, meaning that you'll be able to get into it, but you won't be able to drive it. So you'll need to repair it. If you didn't bring a tool kit with you, you can find one in the building to the east (#2). You might get the response "already repaired" when you try to repair the tank. If you do, just try to repair it again. You should be able to get it to full health.

The tank can hold up to five squad members, and it's tough enough that it will allow you to drive right up to robots and kill them without taking much in the way of damage. So use the tank as much as possible in the mission. The tank can fit into many narrow places -- such as between the fence and the building with the first reaver elder (#4) -- and it can reach most of the map.

4 - Building

You'll encounter a few robots in the building, including a tough tank bot. If you're fighting them from your own tank (#3), then you shouldn't have much of a problem. The robots in the building won't drop anything interesting, but you can pick up some stimpaks and ammunition from the reaver corpses in the area.

You'll find the reaver elder Glenda Close on the second floor. After talking to you, she'll join your squad. To rescue her, you'll just need to guide her to the extraction point (Exit A). No new robots will suddenly pop up out of the woodwork after she joins you, so if you've been thorough in destroying robots on your way to the elder, then getting her to the extraction point should be easy. When she arrives there, you'll earn 9950 experience points.

You'll find two other things on the second floor. Crouched in the middle hallway you'll discover a pair of humanoid bots waiting to ambush you. One will have a plasma rifle, and the other will have a vidicator minigun. You don't need to pass through this hallway to reach the elder, so you can skip the robots if you want. Also, on the southern side of the floor, you can loot an (unlocked) safe. Inside you'll find a doctor's bag and some small energy cells.

5 - Reaver Barracks

The ladder leading to the advanced power armour.
You'll encounter one or two security bots here, but, as you might expect, you'll also find a handful of reavers in the area, and they'll help you take the bots out. You won't find much in the buildings comprising the barracks, except for some pulse grenades (in a pot), some canisters of acid (in a shelf) -- and a suit of advanced power armour (in a fridge). The advanced power armour is sort of tricky to find, since it involves going down a ladder that the game makes difficult to see. The best way to get to the armor is to place one squad member in the building next to it (see insert). That will expose the ladder, allowing another squad member to spot it and go down.

6 - Robots

You'll find a bunch of robots here, including five scurry bots. The reavers in the nearby building (#7) will probably take out most of the robots for you, but you'll have to deal with the scurry bots when you walk by.

7 - Nuka-Cola Plant

You'll find the reaver elder Rodger Gaire here. He'll work just like Glenda Close (#4), so talk to him and then send him to the extraction point (Exit A) to earn 9950 more experience points.

8 - Crate

In this crate you'll find some canisters of acid and some .50 cal ammunition.

9 - Research Laboratory

You'll uncover two things of importance inside this building. One is the reaver elder Tobias Peste. Talk to him and then send him to the extraction point (Exit A) to earn 9950 experience points. The other important thing can be found in the (locked) safe right next to Peste. Peste will give you the key to the safe when you talk to him. Inside the safe you'll find a pulse rifle prototype, the EMP weapon that fulfills the second objective of the mission. When you pick up the rifle, you'll receive 39,800 experience points.

Note: Peste will be carrying a Big Book of Science in his inventory. Have him give it to somebody when he joins your squad.

If you explore the rest of the research laboratory, you'll also find a tool kit on the workbench on the bottom (underground) floor, and some .50 cal ammunition in a shelf on the top floor.

10 - Storage Facility

Where to stand to defeat the turrets inside.
You won't find any robots in the storage facility, but you will have to deal with turrets and landmines. You'll encounter two turrets on the first floor. If you stand beyond the sandbags next to the entrance (see insert), then you might be able to fire on them without them firing back. If that doesn't work for you, then you can climb up onto the crates next to the entrance, and enter the building through the hole on the wall. Then if you climb up to the third floor, you can flip the switch there to turn off the turrets, including the turret on the third floor. Each turret uses .50 cal ammunition, so if you can kill them without them attacking you, you'll end up with a lot of ammunition for your Browning M2s.

On the second floor of the facility, you'll find the reaver ambassador Albert Lamore plus several landmines. The landmines should be relatively easy to disarm (they're easier than the ones in Coldwater). Once you've cleared a path out of the building, just talk to Lamore and then send him to the extraction point (Exit A) to earn 9950 experience points. If Lamore is your final reaver elder, then you'll gain an additional 9950 experience points.

  1. Extraction point.