Primary Statistics

Raw physical strength. The ability to lift weights, have stronger punches, carry more equipment and use larger weapons. If you want big, physical characters, choose strength. Strength is the most important off all statistics.


The ability to notice things. A combination of your senses. Perception affects ranged weapon distance and the ability to sense things about the world. If you want characters that can act as snipers, choose perception. Actually, perception is the most important of all statistics.


The ability to withstand punishment and physical exertion. A high endurance will let characters survive where other weaker people would have to stop. It affects hit points and resistances. If you want to survive in battle, choose endurance. Of all the statistics, endurance is the most important.


A combination of looks, charm and leadership skills. Characters with high charisma are better natural leaders, and, with experience, can influence their fellow squadmates to perform better. Charisma also affects the ability to barter. Charisma is naturally the most important of all statistics.


Mental strength and abilities. The higher the intelligence, the more skills that can be learned. Since skills determine how good a character can perform, intelligence is the most important statistic.


Speed, dexterity and the ability to manipulate small objects. Agility affects many skills that require fine coordination. Agility controls the number of action points a character has in battle, and is thus the most important of all statistics.


Luck is the odd statistic. It is a combination of fate, karma and, in general, how the universe views this character. Luck will modify many things, and is the most important of all statistics because of that.