Secondary Statistics
Hit Points

How much damage your character can take before dying, which is generally considered to be a bad thing. Based mostly on your race and endurance, but modified by strength. As your character levels up, he or she will gain more hit points, which is a good thing.

Armor Class

How likely the character is to get hit in the first place. The higher the number, the better. Based on agility and the armor you wear.

Melee Damage

The base amount of damage this character does in hand-to-hand combat. Based on strength.

Bonus Damage

The percentage of bonus damage done in all forms of combat. Based on your race, traits, and perks.

Damage Resistance

Physical damage is reduced by this percentage. Based on armor.

Poison Resistance

Poison damage is reduced by this percentage. Based on endurance.

Radiation Resistance

Radiation damage is reduced by this percentage. Can be modified by armor and anti-radiation chems. Based on endurance.

Action Points

This determines the number of actions that can be performed in a single turn. This is a very important statistic. Based on agility.

Carry Weight

The maximum amount of equipment that can be carried. Based on strength.

Healing Rate

How fast you regain health. It also gives bonuses when you are healed. Based on endurance.

Critical Chance

The base chance you will cause a critical hit with an attack. Based on luck.

Skill Rate

How many skill points you get per level. Based on intelligence.

Perk Rate

How many levels you need to advance before acquiring a new perk.