Bonus Mission: Springfield

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  • Rescue the mayor (#15).


Note: Springfield is a bonus mission. It is also somewhat of an ode to the "Simpsons" television show. You can unlock the mission by making some changes to a configuration file in your game directory, or you can download the changes. The latter is the easiest method. See the Downloads Section for details.

You'll start out at the southern edge of the map (#1), next to a town guard named Carino. Carino will tell you that the mayor has been captured by raiders, and that the raiders have also targeted the ghouls in the town.

This mission should be short and easy. You'll mostly be facing raiders with low-range weapons, and you'll mostly be facing them in the street, where you can use long-range weapons against them. The raiders will be dug in against you, but they're still just raiders, and they should die pretty quickly.

Note: Besides killing raiders, there are also a couple of chests (#6, #13) that you can open for experience.

You'll find the mayor in city hall (#15). To rescue him, you'll have to kill the raiders blocking your access to the building, including the head assassin raider. You'll receive 2000 experience points for killing the head assassin and then 3000 more for talking to the mayor. Once the mayor is free, you'll just need to head to the extraction point (Exit A) to exit the mission.

1 - Starting Point

You should talk to Carino here.

2 - Buggy

It's a two-person vehicle, perfect for the commute to work, but not very useful in a combat mission.

3 - Joe's Tavern

You can buy booze from Joe if you want.

4 - Mortuary

If you're playing the mission without having bought the bonus disc, then you'll notice pink tiles on the roof of the mortuary. Inside, you can loot a pot for some ammunition, a pair of flash grenades, and a desert eagle mark XIX 44.

5 - Shop

You can buy food items from Presnell inside the shop.

6 - Hotel

On the second floor of the hotel, you'll find raiders with AK47s or grenades. Also on the second floor, if you loot the chest in the eastern room, you'll gain 1000 experience points. There isn't any way to climb up to the roof.

7 - Planet Donut

You won't find anything of interest inside, but if you stand near the windows, you might be able to pick off a few of the raiders to the north.

8 - Ghoul Corpse

You'll discover a couple of raiders hiding next to a ghoul corpse, just waiting to ambush you. It's best to approach them from the north. You'll find a single stimpak on the corpse.

9 - Factory

You'll encounter three raiders on the roof. They'll be facing the street to the east, so if you sneak some squad members up the ladder behind them, then you should be able to creep into position behind them and blast away, killing them quickly. For overkill, you can also blow up the gas tanks next to the raiders, although if you do that you won't get any experience for the kills.

On the third floor of the factory, you can also loot an unlocked safe. Inside you'll find some ammunition, some dynamite, and four stimpaks.

10 - Park

You'll have to beat off a few raiders and dogs here, including a couple raiders hiding in trenches. The gate on the eastern side of the park starts out locked, but it'll open automatically when you rescue the mayor (#15).

11 - Gauntlet

In this narrow street you'll face a bunch of raiders hiding behind barricades and sandbags. If the raiders go prone, throw some grenades at them to get them to stand back up.

12 - Market

You can pick up a super stimpak off one of the tables. You can also buy some regular stimpaks and 12 gauge shotgun shells from the bartender on the eastern side.

13 - Chest

You'll gain 1000 experience points for opening this chest. Inside, you'll find some ammunition and a stimpak.

14 - Prison

You'll encounter three raiders with AK47s on the roof of the prison. Inside, you'll find a trapped ghoul corpse in one of the cells, with a stimpak on the floor right next to it.

15 - City Hall

You'll find eight raiders outside of city hall, including one called the head assassin. None of the raiders will start out as enemies, but when you move close enough to them, the head assassin will talk to you, and then they'll all attack.

The good news is that the mayor is safely tucked away inside city hall, and there aren't any raiders in there with him. That means you can deal with the raiders in any way you'd like, including retreating back to the prison (#14) and fighting them there. In fact, before you trigger the battle, it's a good idea to clear out the prison and stash away a couple snipers of your own on the roof. They'll get a better angle against the raiders than the soldiers on the ground.

The head assassin will be using a pump-action shotgun, and he'll be a better shot than the other raiders, so he's the one you should target first. When the assassin goes down, you'll automatically complete the main objective, and you'll receive 2000 experience points.

Then when you enter city hall and talk to the mayor, you'll once again learn that you've completed the main objective, and you'll receive 3000 more experience points. The mayor will thank you for your help, and then he'll run to the park (#10) to make his "big speech." In the process, the eastern gate leading to the park will open up, allowing you easier access to the start of the mission, where you could go back and pick up the buggy (#2) if you wanted.

  1. Extraction point.