Mission: Coldwater

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  • Retrieve the three sets of stolen power armor (#20, #23, #25).
  • (Optional) Rescue Adele (#11).
  • (Optional) Kill Ma Baker (#5).


You'll start out in the southwestern corner of the map (#1), at the lowest level of the multi-tiered city of Coldwater. Half of Coldwater is neutral, and you'll be able to talk to and shop with the inhabitants there. The other half has been taken over by the thieves who stole the power armour from the Brotherhood. When you find them, you'll have to fight.

At your starting position, you'll meet the auditor general. He's your contact for the mission. He'll introduce you to what's going on, and he'll expect you to bring him back the broken power armor. He'll also act as a shopkeeper, selling you micro fusion cells and a plasma rifle.

The thieves should be pretty easy to kill, at least for a while. You won't find too many together, and they won't have very good weapons, until you reach the fourth tier. On that tier you'll finally run into the thieves who have the power armour (#20, #23, #25), and you'll also encounter thieves with Browning M2s and the like. However, no matter how you attack the thieves with the power armour, you'll damage the power armour during the struggle, and you'll end up with broken power armor, which is a quest item that can't be worn.

Once you've killed the thieves and picked up all three sets of broken power armor, you'll receive 15,000 experience points. Then when you reach the exit grid (Exit E), you'll receive 30,000 more experience points.

1 - Starting Point

Here you'll meet the auditor general. He'll "encourage" you to find the stolen power armour. He'll also act as a shopkeeper, with micro fusion cells and a plasma rifle in stock.

2 - Shop

The civilian in the shop will act as a shopkeeper. You'll be able to buy a Browning Auto Rifle and a Big Book of Science from him.

3 - Bar

4 - Broken Shopkeeper

You'll find a civilian behind the counter in this shop. If you use the "steal" skill, you'll see that he's carrying a variety of goods, but you won't be able to talk to him, and so you won't be able to purchase anything from him. Stealing, however, will get you whatever you want.

5 - Don Vinchenzo

Don Vinchenzo will ask you to kill Ma Baker (#14). Ma Baker is a civilian, so killing her should be no problem for you. If you do the job, then you'll receive 3950 experience points, and Don Vinchenzo will give you some drugs. However, in the mission debriefing, you'll learn that Ma Baker was really working for the Brotherhood, and that you shouldn't have killed her. If you don't kill Ma Baker, then you'll receive 5000 experience points at the end of the mission.

6 - Chapel

If you crawl under the altar, you'll discover a secret room containing an ice chest. Inside the ice chest, you can pick up an M249 SAW, a flamer, and metal armour mark II.

7 - Market

You'll find three civilian shopkeepers in the market. They won't have much to offer, but you can buy things like a copy of Guns and Bullets and a Calico Liberty 100.

8 - Casino

You'll encounter five warriors at the casino -- three guarding the southern entrance, and two guarding the western entrance. The guards at the southern entrance will only carry rusty old monkey wrenches and frag grenades, but the guards at the western entrance will have a sniper rifle and an M16A1.

9 - Crates

You'll find two crates and a warrior here. The warrior will be facing the crates and not be paying any attention to the door, so it should be easy to sneak up on him. You'll find an M60 on the warrior, and a variety of weapons and ammunition in the crates.

10 - Locked Room

You'll have to pick the lock of the door to open it. Inside the room, you'll find some .50 cal ammunition in a bookshelf.

11 - Bar

You'll meet Simon Dudley in the bar. He'll tell you that one of the thieves kidnapped his sister Adele, and he'll ask you to intervene. Then he'll rush off to the south to show you where they are (#12). The thief will only have a rusty old monkey wrench equipped, so he should be easy to gun down. When the thief dies, you'll receive 10,000 experience points. If you talk to Simon afterwards, he'll talk about giving you something, but he won't.

"Well, if he lived he would have had herpes anyway."

12 - Kidnapper / Adele

13 - Bathroom

You'll encounter three warriors in here. The two by the door will try to hit you with frag grenades, and the one in back will use an M60 on you. Also in the room you can loot a crate for an avenger minigun.

14 - Ma Baker

Ma Baker will act as a shopkeeper, but she won't have much to offer you. If you kill her (you'll have to force fire to attack her), then you'll receive 3950 experience points (see #5). If you let her live, then you'll receive 5000 experience points at the end of the mission.

15 - Dining Room

You'll find three warriors in the dining room. One will have an M249 SAW. The other two will only have melee weapons and grenades.

16 - Hallway

You'll find three warriors patrolling the hallway here. One will have an M79 grenade launcher.

17 - Cabinet

You'll find some acid grenades and some incendiary grenades in the cabinet.

18 - Footlocker

Inside the footlocker you'll find some medical supplies and a first aid book.

19 - No Secret Door

You might notice some graffiti on the wall proclaiming that there is a secret door here. As far as we can tell, there isn't.

20 - Hallway

You'll encounter three warriors patrolling this hallway. One will have a set of broken power armor, which you'll need for the main objective.

21 - Crates with Mines

The dead warrior near the northern crates was the trapper for the thieves. He deployed mines from the southern crate all the way to the northern crates before blowing himself up. That means you'll need to walk carefully between the crates. We only had limited success trying to disarm the mines with a traps skill of 110%.

22 - Locked Double Door

This locked door will have multiple traps on it, and you won't be able to pick it open. You'll have to use the doorway farther to the south.

23 - Room

You'll find three warriors inside the room and two warriors outside the room. One of the warriors inside the room will have a suit of broken power armor plus a Browning M2. You can use the switch inside the room to turn off the lights in this tier of the city.

24 - Room

You'll find two warriors hiding behind the sandbags here.

25 - Guldo Sciavo

You'll finally encounter Guldo Sciavo, the leader of the thieves, here. He'll have four thieves in the room with him: two in the back corners behind sandbags, and two near the entrances. You should be able to hit Guldo and the thieves in the corners from the room to the south (#24), giving you enough distance to use your sniper rifles effectively. When Guldo dies, you'll earn 5800 experience points, and you'll find a set of broken power armor on his corpse. If this is the third set you've picked up, then you'll receive 15,000 experience points for completing the objective.

26 - Mystery Building

So far as we can tell, there isn't any way to reach this building.

  1. Stairs. You'll find a couple of warriors guarding this staircase.
  2. Stairs.
  3. Stairs.
  4. Stairs. You'll find three warriors guarding this staircase. One will have a rocket launcher.
  5. Extraction point.