Cult of the Unseeing Eye (AR0202) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Gaal

You'll speak with Gaal here, one of the members of the Cult of the Unseeing Eye. You need his key to unlock the door to the northwest and can only get it by talking to him. Therefore, you're going to want to convince him you're only here to learn of the cult's ideas and mean no harm.

2 - Sassar

Here you'll meet one of the Cult's former disciples, Sassar. He'll explain that the Cult worships a Beholder and that you'll need two pieces of a powerful artifact to defeat him. He'll send you down to the Rift Area to get one of them, although the Beholder himself has the other.

3 - Golden Arms & Legs

This is the tomb of a Shade Lich. This is part of the Kangaxx the Lich quest, but if you want to dispose of him now, go for it. In the tomb, you'll find the Golden Arms & Legs needed to restore Kangaxx's body.

4 - Exit

This exit leads to the Rift Area.

5 - Entrance From Lower Reaches

This is a one-way entrance up from the Lower Reaches, near where you'll face the Unseeing Eye himself.

6 - Exit

This exit leads down to the Lower Reaches.