Rift Area (AR0204) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Trapped Mouth

When you first come down into the Rift Area, you'll see a giant hand sticking out of the ground and a face on the opposite wall. When you walk up to the face, you'll trip an undetectable trap (even a thief cannot see it) which gates in three Giant Spiders.

After dispatching the spiders and continuing toward the face, you'll trip another trap, this time spewing a Stinking Cloud from the mouth of the face. Once both traps have been set off, reach into the mouth to grab Vampiric Touch, Hold Undead, Enchanted Weapon and Tenser's Formation scrolls, as well as a Star Diopside Gem, Shandon Gem, Aquamarine Gem, and Garnet Gem.

2 - Bridge Riddles

You'll have to answer some riddles here in order to cross the bridge. The answers are (in order): 1-Life 2-Time 3-Current One. Once you've crossed the bridge, you can find a small door on the base of the other side that contains a Warhammer +2.

3 - Underground Temple

Speak to the guardians of this underground temple and you'll learn that they are cursed to live forever so that they may guard this temple (dedicated to what they consider is a dead god). Inside the temple, you'll have to fight an Empathic Manifestation. It's tricky... you have to heal it in order to kill it. If you don't possess a means to heal the manifestation, search the pedestal to find a scrolls of Cure Serious Wounds and Skull Trap, as well as some gems.

Once you've healed the visage, an avatar of the temple's god will appear. He will ask that you restore his disciples' faith in him, and in return he will give you the first piece of the Rift device. After you've done so, return to this temple later in the game after the Rift device is complete to receive a 47,250 experience reward and the Saving Grace +3 shield.