Astral Prison (AR0516) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Entrance

Upon entering the Astral Prison from the basement of the Five Flagons Inn, you'll be jumped by a whole bunch of bounty hunters. Dispatch them, and you'll find yourself a Two Handed Sword +1, a Pixie Prick +3, Boots of Speed, Melodic Chain +3, a Wand of the Heavens, Bracers of Defense AC 8, Leather Armor +1, a Small Shield +1, and a Cloak of the Shield. Not bad, eh?

As you explore the rest of the map, you will be coming across pulsating holes that will transport you to a cell with bloodthirsty thralls. These will be disabled, however, once you destroy the Control Orb at area #2.

2 - Mastery Orb Pit

A pit of flames sits within the middle of this room. If you've killed the Master of Thralls in area #5, you can bring his Mastery Orb here and destroy it. Upon its destruction, all of the slaves in the prison will be free.

3 - Thralls

You'll be attacked by more thralls here, along with a Wyvern in the room behind them. The female thrall drops some nice items, including Kundane +2, a Ring of Protection +1, and Gauntlets of Weapon Skill.

4 - Prison Warden

This room provides a pretty intense battle. You'll be faced with fighting the Warden, some thralls, and some Golems. After you've taken care of them, you can grab yourself the Wave Shaft (used to forge the Wave Halberd +4), Adjatha the Drinker +2, some gold, and the prison cell key needed to release Haer'Dalis and his friends.

5 - Master of Thralls

The Master of Thralls resides in this room. If you didn't have much trouble in area #4, then this room will be pretty easy. Kill him, and then grab the Mastery Orb and Staff of Air +2. You can bring the Mastery Orb down to area #2 and throw it into the flaming pit if you'd like to get yourself some more experience.

6 - Haer'Dalis

Haer'Dalis and his fellow actors are locked up here. If you've killed the Warden in area #4, then you should have the prison key. As soon as you arrive, Raelis (Haer'Dalis' friend) will begin casting a spell to gate your party out of the prison.