Sorcerer/Wizard Spells - Level 5
Animal Growth: (Transmutation) For every two levels, one animal doubles in size.

Blight: (Necromancy) Withers one plant or deals 1d6/level damage to plant creature.

Break Enchantment: (Abjuration) Frees subjects from enchantments, alterations, curses and petrification.

Cloudkill: (Conjuration) Kills creatures with 3 HD or less; 46 HD creatures save or die; 6+ HD creatures take Constitution damage.

Cone of Cold: (Evocation) [Cold] Deals 1d6/level of cold damage.

Dismissal: (Abjuration) Forces a creature to return to its native plane.

Feeblemind: (Enchantment (Compulsion)) [Mind-Affecting] Subject's Intelligence and Charisma drop to 1.

Hold Monster: (Enchantment (Compulsion)) [Mind-Affecting] Paralyzes any creature for 1 round/level.

Mind Fog: (Enchantment (Compulsion)) [Mind-Affecting] Subjects in fog get 10 to Wisdom and Will checks.


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