Cleric Spells - Level 4
Cure Critical Wounds: (Conjuration (Healing)) Cures 4d8 points of damage +1 point/level (maximum +10).

Death Ward: (Necromancy) Grants immunity to death spells and negative energy effects.

Dimensional Anchor: (Abjuration) Bars extra-dimensional movement.

Discern Lies: (Divination) Reveals deliberate falsehoods.

Dismissal: (Abjuration) Forces a creature to return to its native plane.

Divine Power: (Evocation) Gain a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength and you gain one temporary hit point per caster level.

Freedom of Movement: (Abjuration) Subject moves normally despite impediments.

Giant Vermin: (Transmutation) Summons one monster and places it under control of the party.

Inflict Critical Wounds: (Necromancy) Deal 4d8 points of damage per caster level (maximum +10).

Magic Weapon, Greater: (Transmutation)+1 every four levels (max +2).

Neutralize Poison: (Conjuration (Healing)) Immunizes subject against poison, and will detoxify venom within or on subject.

Poison: (Necromancy) Touch deals 1d10 Constitution damage, repeats in one minute.

Repel Vermin: (Abjuration) An invisible barrier holds back vermin.

Restoration: (Conjuration (Healing)) Restores level (experience points) and ability score drains.

Material Component: Diamond dust worth 100 gp that is sprinkled over the target.

Summon Monster IV: (Conjuration (Summoning)) Summons a creature, based on what you select from the Radial Menu.


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