Druid Spells - Level 2
Animal Trance: (Enchantment (Compulsion)) [Mind-Affecting, Sonic] Fascinates 2d6 HD of animals.

Barkskin: (Transmutation) Grants +2 (or higher) enhancement to natural armor.

Bear's Endurance: (Transmutation) Subject gains +4 to Constitution for 1 min./level.

Bull's Strength: (Transmutation) Subject gains +4 to Strength for 1 min./level.

Cat's Grace: (Transmutation) Subject gains +4 to Dexterity for 1 min./level.

Chill Metal: (Transmutation) Creature wearing metal armor takes cold damage.

Delay Poison: (Conjuration) Stops poison from harming subject for 1 hour/level.

Fog Cloud: (Conjuration (Creation)) Fog obscures all sight within five feet.

Gust of Wind: (Evocation) [Air] Blows away or knocks down smaller creatures.

Heat Metal: (Transmutation) [Fire] Make metal armor so hot that it damages those who come into contact with it.

Hold Animal: (Enchantment (Compulsion)) [Mind-Affecting] Paralyzes one animal for 1 round/level.

Owl's Wisdom: (Transmutation) Grants a +4 enhancement bonus to Wisdom for 1 min./level.

Reduce Animal: (Transmutation) Creature halves in size.

Resist Energy: (Abjuration) Ignores 10 (or more) points of damage per attack from specified energy type.

Restoration, Lesser: (Conjuration (Healing)) Dispels any magical effects reducing one of the subject's ability scores or cures 1d4 points of temporary ability damage to one of the subject's ability scores.

Soften Earth and Stone: (Transmutation (Earth)) Turns stone to clay or dirt to sand or mud.

Summon Nature's Ally II: (Conjuration (Summoning)) Allows you to summon a creature; choice of creature based on what you select from the Radial Menu.

Summon Swarm: (Conjuration (Summoning)) Summon a swarm of animals, based on what you select from the Radial Menu.

Tree Shape: (Transmutation) You look exactly like a tree for 1 hour/level and gain a +10 natural armor bonus.


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