Druid Spells - Level 5
Animal Growth: (Transmutation) For every two levels, one animal doubles in size.

Call Lightning Storm: (Evocation) [Electricity] Calls down lightning bolts (5d6 per bolt) from the sky.

Cure Critical Wounds: (Conjuration (Healing)) Cures 4d8 points of damage +1 point/level (maximum +10).

Death Ward: (Necromancy) Grants immunity to death spells and negative energy effects.

Stoneskin: (Abjuration) Allows subject to ignore the first 10 points of damage per attack. Material Component: Granite and 250 gp worth of diamond dust sprinkled on the target's skin.

Summon Nature's Ally V: (Conjuration (Summoning)) Allows you to summon a creature; choice of creature based on what you select from the Radial Menu.


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