Unarmed Combat
This skill represents your character's training in unarmed combat. By increasing this skill, your Attack Power, Accuracy, and chance of performing special attacks increases. The aforementioned bonuses apply only when fighting unarmed.

Recommendation: 3/5 - Unarmed attacks are decent when you get this skill leveled up, but simply not very powerful next to others. Not relying on a weapon might seem like an advantage, but you also won't gain access to much offensive gear. There are special items and Traits that can help out a fist-fighter, but to be honest, sticking with a regular weapon is probably in your best interests.

Level Ability
4 Dexterity +1
7 Health +10
11 Jab (A precise punch dealing some extra damage)
15 Dexterity +2
19 Health +10
23 Kick (A powerful kick dealing double damage)
27 Health +10
30 Faster Than Lightning (Evasion +20)
34 Strength +2
38 Dexterity +2
42 Strength +5, Dexterity +5
45 Health +10
50 Three Point Technique (A secret technique only known to Grand Masters)